ORGAN THING: Catch Dälek collaborating on a rather impressive piece from the forthcoming Lushlife album…

Now anything that involves Dälek is going to grab our attention, the interview we did back about ten or so years ago before that rather intense (and brilliantly intimate) gig at the Borderline here in London remains one of our all time highlights, must find it and post the interview, it was back in the days of print, actually now we consider it, it was probably more like fifteen years?   

Philadelphia rapper and producer Lushlife always has an interesting edge, a sense of painterly texture, abstraction maybe? he’s the first person I ever heard sampling. Next month see Lushlife releasing a new album called Redamancy, his first new material since 2017’s My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power. The album features  the track psoted here on this page, a piece called Dépaysement.

Dépaysement – French for “Change Of Scenery” stretches out over nine rewarding minutes, and, like we already said it features the Newark rapper Dälek, “leader of the veteran experimental rap group of the same name”. The piece is the final track on Redamancy, an album that Lushlife describes as “a rap album where the emcee only appears impressionistically.”.  More details via Bandcamp

Here’ some more from Redamancy

And it does seem it was a little more than ten years ago that we did that interview in a crowded pub before that immense gig, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. Really must dig out that original feature. Isn’t it about time someone gave us a big fat book deal and…

Dalek, borderline, London, 2008 (SW)

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