ORGAN THING: “Your first look at the smoking hot trailer for Rebel Dykes”

By now you hopefully know how much we love the positive punk rock energy of those inspirational Rebel Dykes, whoever you are you just have to love everything about the defiant creative energy and the celebration; Last night the Rebels let loose a new trailer for a forthcoming film. Now we could just post the trailer here but no, let’s pass on a link and put up a signpost and send you to the Diva website for your “Your first look at the smoking hot trailer for Rebel Dykes” and a fine piece by Sophie Griffiths. Here comes the link…

What better way to celebrate LGBT History Month than by checking out the first trailer for an exciting new documentary which tells the story of London’s Rebel Dykes, a group of women who shaped queer culture as we know it today?  Picture this: it’s 1986 in London and Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister. Riot In My Mind by the Poison Girls is blasting through the speakers, read on and watch the brilliant trailer

We like to post signposts and give you links ot positive creative things…

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