ORGAN: Five Music Things – Boo Hiss, the latest Danny Elfman monthly single, London duo Charlotte Spiral, Holiday Ghosts, Matt Lebofsky, Casual Nun, Don Pie Pie and…

Back to the portal again while the whole world window that stares back at us (only it probably was a televion fizzing and things back then when we frist heard of the Whole World Window). it might be of course, This five musical things thing is mostly about just that, five musical things that have passed by in the last few days, five soundbites, five slices of musical information along with those oh so vital links and signposts

And like we said around abouy this time last week, On we go some more, on we go yet again, Burn down the internet some more, do it just for the insurance money or soemthing like that. There is always music isn’t there? There is always repeating things and doing a cut and paste of what you said last week isn;t there? Five more musical things then, same as we said last time, repeat these things, five (or so) musical things that have caught ears over the past few days, five musical things plucked from the overflowing in box or the feeds or the clouds or wherever these things come from. boo hiss! And we do like that Radio Weirdo image up there, so much so that we;ll use it again…

1: Boo Hiss – First release of 2021 from the ever rewarding Deathbomb Arc camp, pretty much everything Deathcamp are part of is worth a moment of your valuable time…

Godfather of Beat Punk and long time Deathbomb Arc collaborator Todd Drootin (aka Books on Tape) has worked under many aliases over the years. In the recent ones, the name Boo Hiss was forged and seen frequently for testing out Todd’s wilder ideas and for collaborations with folks like True Neutral Crew and SHADI.

Now, the first official Boo Hiss album is here. Centered around explorations of techniques and styles that Todd considered outside of his normal range and instincts, this exploration finds him thriving in the unknown. The results are a far cry from the bouncing pop of Books on Tape, relishing in hard to grasp blends of 90s indie rock, shoegaze, minimalist noise and anything else Todd’s subconscious manifested. Even decades into his career, Todd has found a way to make something with the freshness and audacity of a “first album”, via Boo Hiss ‘Sike Roc.



2: Danny Elfman – The third in the promised monthly series of singles releases that Danny Elfman on the 11th of each month is 2021, you can find them all via his Bandcamp page. Stick the date in the your diary now, they’ve all be rather tasty so far…


3: Charlotte Spiral – London duo Charlotte Spiral have announced a brand new EP ‘New Light’, they’ve also shared the title track, here it is. The EP in out in April. it rather beautiful, we don’t need to say that much, here it is, we’re in a let the music do the talking kind of mood today.

“Dark-alt pop duo Charlotte Spiral impressed with their debut EP Ideal Life in February 2020, garnering widespread critical acclaim, a Union Chapel show in support of Alice Boman, a Rough Trade Recommends showcase, and support from BBC6 Music. A year later, they’ve teamed up with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (Kae Tempest, Bat For Lashes, Sia) once more for their evocative new EP New Light. Confronting and examining loss, escapism, dissatisfaction and comparing oneself, the EP will be released on April 9th.
Recorded both remotely and in-person with collaborator Dan Carey throughout the last year in and out of lockdown, New Light is both a reaction to, and a product of, Charlotte Spiral’s experience of an extended period of self-reflection.
Lead single and title track ‘New Light’ examines the internal conflict between living in the moment and wishing you were elsewhere, and thanks to social media, comparing your own life to others. Speaking about the song, lead singer Amy Spencer explains that it was written in response to a personal battle that will be familiar to many; “It’s simply a message to myself to live more in the present and stop imagining how things could be, especially nowadays when it’s so easy to get distracted and compare yourself to other people”.
Charlotte Spiral is a collaboration between Amy Spencer and Avi Barath; two musicians that have been involved in multiple projects respectively before coming together to form the duo. Having met at Goldsmiths, the pair connected due to their mutual love of artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Julia Holter, Moses Sumney, Yann Tiersen and Beach House, and their inherent desire to write music that is lyrically driven and built upon organic piano melodies”.

4: Matt Lebofsky – From Oakland, what can we say about Matt and his new album, he is or was in many bands, bands such as Bodies Floating Ashore, Monstrika, Secret Chiefs 3, miRthkon, MoeTar, Faun Fables, Research &. well if we are letting the music do all the talking today while we get on with things like throwing paint or making radio shows or…. Matt has a new album, you get it for a price of whatever you consider you wna to pay via his Bandcamp page, Increasing Numbers is particularly fine, let him serch for the clues and perfect answers for you and….


4 and bit: Holiday Ghosts are today “announcing their singing to FatCat Records, for the release of third album North Street Air. The album’s first single “Mr. Herandi” is out now” and here it is, we know landlords like Mr Herandi, just how good is this, play it again again, love it…

Holiday Ghosts – based in Brighton, via Falmouth, and comprised of drummer Katja Rackin and guitarist Sam Stacpoole – mine the works of eras past to cast the best of artists such as The Kinks, Violent Femmes, Alex Chilton and Modern Lovers as a backdrop onto which they deconstruct a myriad of social issues. Themes of breaking out of moulds and expectations whilst addressing displacement, disillusionment, and living in the midst of heavy advertising and commercial landscapes, spider their way through the new record.

Nowhere else on North Street Air is the weight of capitalism on creative cultures more directly assessed than on new single “Mr. Herandi”, a song about their landlord.

Drummer Katja Rackin comments: “I was introduced to issues of social inequality at a really young age because my parents were political refugees and got me involved in debates and conversations that allowed me to question my surroundings and society. Outside of music I do a lot of writing in response to current social issues. I think my music does this in a more inward sense, and is often rooted in metaphorical themes of deconstructing pre-conceived ideas, and naturally becomes a way for me to place myself within the surroundings that I’m so often critiquing.”

Guitarist Sam Stacpoole adds: “This song started out as a joke / folky country song I wrote almost on the spot. Just looping the chords and commenting on ways it felt like an unfair deal with our Landlord/ Tennant situation. The landlord is taking the stance of being completely oblivious to the standards of what he’s paid large sums monthly for whilst living abroad.

All the lines are directly factual to the situation we were in at that point and his name really is Mr Herandi. We also recorded it in his house which was directly above his letting agents.”

4 and a bit more: Casual Nun, London’s self confessed bringers of “pineal-poking punked-up psychedelic speedfreakery” say “everything on our Bandcamp is now name your price, with all £$€ going to @TrussellTrust to benefit the work they do with foodbank. Not sure how long the offer stands for but here you go…



5: Don Pie Pie – “Did someone say Pie? Yup, the kids are coming with their delicious debut album. Don Pie Pie’s “The Life of Pie” is the cheat for all levels. Saloio, Miguel and Liquid are clearly invincible, when they match their breaks, chords and guitar riffs all together. It’s the perfect combo, the crème de la crème of what prog-rock means nowadays. Even though they did not sung, every song has its pun. This guys are fulfilled with references (from the good ones, of course!), and they can guide us into a journey which can be scary, funny, anxious and tricky at the same time. But be careful, ‘cause it’s very easy to get lost along this tortuous path. These three little genius can send some obstacles through each level. But in the end, you’ll want to go through everything all over again. That said, want some Pie?


And while we’re here, here comes a Big Ship….


Here’s some Billy Joel from back when when he was almost good…

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