ORGAN THING: Notes From A Gallery, three days gone, one to go, live from Gallery 46, from East London, from Band of Holy Joy…

Performance art on line, it is so often a frustration, it can be a positive, of course it can, it can be more than just a substitute but it is mostly frustrating.  Which You Tube channel? Is the sound working? Oh dear, the lighting? Not enough lighting, those voices are muffled, It can be a problem. there are positives though. Over in Whitechappel at East London’s Gallery 46 there’s a four day series of art events going on revolving around Band of Holy Joy, we did cover it ahead of the first night last Thursday, there’s been live broadcasts, sounds, performance, radio. The documentation has, if we’re totally honest, been a little fractured, a little too DIY at times, mostly the broadcasts hinted at what might have been had there been “normal” times, Notes For a Gallery, as good as some of it has been, really has been a case of if only. If only the gallery been open and all those little rooms and that back garden had been alive with early Spring sunshine, with the sound of performance, with art and light and things to be discovered around every corner.  But there aren’t normal times and things are difficult for art and artists and things are frustrating and well. But there have been positives, Johny Brown’s beautiful stripped down performance last Thursday evening, just his voice in the half light of the echoing empty gallery and the shadows on the dimly lit white walls, just the Band of Holy Joy frontman Johny singing by himself in an empty gallery in that almost angelic way, beautiful. There’s been films, there’s been, there’s been specially commissioned films complimenting pieces of music for the new Band of Holy Joy album, there’s been shadowy performers in purple light, there’s been lots to explore, to engage with as it happened live (or to go back and explore now). These live performances via You Tube do feel live, the appointment to view, the tune in again at 8pm tonight  and when you have the chat at the side, you do get the feeling that you’re part of some real time thing. Three days gone, one to go, so far the notes have mostly been a positive…  

Three days gone, one to go, so far the notes have mostly been a possitive…    I guess we all tune in to the Band of Holy Joy YouTube Channel at 8pm tonight for the final set of Notes…

Johny Brown, alone in a gallery….

Previously – ORGAN PREVIEW: “Notes From A Gallery our online exhibition begins tonight at 8pm. Broadcasting live from Gallery 46, there will be two commissioned films for our…” so say Band Of Holy Joy.

NOTES FROM A GALLERY – A 4-day online exhibition presented by Band of Holy Joy, running from tonight, Wednesday 24th February until Saturday 27th February. Live from that beautiful East London space known as Gallery 46. Catch the first night from from 8pm tonight. Commissioned especially to happen alongside the band’s forthcoming album; Dreams Take Flight, the series of short films will be run nightly, two films daily, from Wednesday to Saturday in conjunction with live performances and lots of art happening in the gallery that you can explore on line. Featuring work by Alexandra Lort Phillips, Fliss Kitson, Kirsty Allison, Gil De Ray, Tam Dean Burn, Sukie Smith, Bjorn Hatleskog, Jo Joelson, David Erdos, Jonny Mugwump, Inga Tillere, Kevin Quigley, & Band of Holy Joy. The live transmissions can be accessed on YouTube, starting with this one tonight.

Band of Holy Joy / Gallery 46 / Band of Holy Joy You Tube Channel

“Here is a reupload of last nights Notes from a Gallery livestream at Gallery 46” You can g oexplore it all again…

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