ORGAN PREVIEW: That very much anticipated Poly Styrene film, I Am A Cliché, is on television screens here in the UK this Saturday night…

That much anticipated Poly Styrene film I Am A Cliché , a film it feels like we’ve been going on about for years now, finally got that much deserved premiere last month at the Glasgow Film Festival last month. The news today is that that the film, so Vic Goddard tell us, is being shown on Sky Arts here in the UK this Saturday evening at 9pm, Sky Arts is now on freeview channel 11 of course, which means most of us can see it on some kind of screen, this of vourse, eve nif it is Sky, it a very good thing….

“POLY STYRENE: I AM A CLICHÉ is on release across the UK/Ireland from Fri 05 Mar via Modern Films online cinema platform and will be broadcast on Sat 06 Mar at 9pm on Sky Arts”


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