ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – Celina Teague at Kristin Hjellegjerde, Miles Tuddenham at Gallery 46, Gerald Chukwuma, Norman Ackroyd, more of those 90 Seconds of Art things, Alright?

Misha Milovanovich

I guess we should do it again? Or could? The glue that holds the who or what together? The art of repetition? Where were we? Still repeating ourselves whilst under stress? I wish you were here to see it, the more I look at it the more I like it, I do think it good, but we said all that last week (and probably the week before and the week bfore that, did you even notice? Do you just cut to the chase?). And well, we could do it again, we could? Shall we? The Five Art Things thing? We said all this last week didn’t we? And the week before, have we got a roadmap? Can we see a way out yet? is protest a thing of the past? Other than things happening on-line, we rather obviously can’t really feature or preview forthcoming shows at the moment, but there are hints, like the Misha Milovanovich show we featured on these pages yesterday – Misha Milovanovich’s exhibition The Shape of Colour promises to be something rather special, the exuberant show has just opened at London’s Dellaposa gallery…

We did say all this last week with the previous Five Art Things post and all the “oh, I don’t know, this five art things to go check out feature is kind of shot to pieces now. The regular feature was supposed to be about five upcoming art shows that we were excited about, five recommended art exhibitions that are about to open, five shows we were looking forward to putting on our coats and going out to, a selection of the five most exciting openings selected from the many (many) coming up. Still in lockdown then, so once again this week it is all about art on line.

IThis page is being put together on the Sunday after last night’s Women led vigil to pay respects to Sarah Everard and call for an end to violence against women ends in violence against women here in London. Truly shameful. Disgusted by what we read and watched last night from the wat to macho Met Police. it is hard to just get on with writing about art and carrying on without saying anything. I do believe that on the whole art is a force for good and that part of the empowerment of people, of women, of minorities, comed from us all coming creating, making, doing, sharing, being. Anger is an energy but there are other energies as well.

Five more recomended art things coming up or happening now or ending soon or opening in the next few days, adjective adjective: recommended advised or suggested as good or suitable. Do what you will with it all, while the self appointed art websites the fadish lysts show more interest in the prices paid than the actual art, Beeple’s First 5000 Days is just a price tag and a hadline now, far more interesting for some arts publications it would seem than actual art.

Miles Tuddenham

1: Miles TuddenhamTemporary Inhabitation at Galery 46 – back to the virtual world of Whitechapel and Gallery 46 again, oh how I want to cuck down a (free) beer in the back garden at an actual real exhibtion opening after tramping up and down those stairs and through all those littie rooms of Gallery 46. Temporary Inhabitation is a “A parasitic spatial invasion spanning over three weeks, generating and presenting an entirely new body of installative work in relation to the temporality of inhabitation, from instinctive survival to identity fraud – a subjective to-do-list of unrefined experiences”.

Miles Tuddenham is a multidisciplinary investigative artist working within the domains of time-based media, technical installation, post-internet immersion and digital forensic studies. As a present student of Central Saint Martins, studying a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (4D), Tuddenham is in the midst of developing his professional practice within contemporary art and technological research. His work aims to explore and investigate the existence of digital/analogue conflicts, tackle childhood curiosity through sculptural and performative satire, and launch technical investigations through forensic research within modern digital practice”. Explore it all on line here until March 21st. Explore more Gallery 46 here

Celina Teague

2: Celina TeagueMoney and Fairy Tales on line via the viewing room at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery until March 20th – “Characterful, vibrant animals and bold slogan text combine on the canvas to create arresting imagery that simultaneously seduces and confronts the viewer. For her current solo show Money And Fairy Tales at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery Berlin, Portugal-based london-born artist Celina Teague continues her exploration of climate change and environmental issues in relation to the information and imagery that we consume through media sources”.  read and view and explore via the gallery on-line viewing room. Have to say the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery’s on-line operations have ben really good during these times of Covdi, well worth getting on their mailing list, easy to take art galleries for granted, I know they are dealers running businesses but it easy to forget how they bring is so much without charging us visitorsd and viewers. love this Celina Teague show, love the colour and the energy of is all, the boldness…

Celina Teague

also at one the several Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery spaces..

3: Gerald Chukwuma Eclipse of The Scrolls at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery – one again on line via the viewing room at the moment, open until may 8th – “Through a frenzy of colours and symbols that are chiselled, burnt and painted onto panels of wood, Nigerian artist Gerald Chukwuma creates striking visual language that weaves together ancient symbols, contemporary and historic references. These are the artists ‘scrolls’ that  document the untold stories of Igbo culture and modern Nigeria in resistance to one-sided media narratives that are wilfully manipulated by authority figures. Chukuma’s latest exhibition Eclipse of the Scrolls at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery’s London Bridge space questions the extent to which we are controlled by the information that we are or aren’t consuming. At a turbulent time in not only Nigerian history but also internationally, the artist’s dynamic sculptural surfaces underline the vital importance of free, creative expression as a form of resistance to everyday indoctrination” – Once again read and view and explore via the gallery on-line viewing room – feels like we’re spending half our virtual lives in the many Kristin Hjellegjerde on line viewing room at the moment There’s a “Virtual Private View” ON Wednesday 31 March at 6pm  Via Instagram. The Sxhbition is actually happening at the gallery’s London Bridge space, check out the website for news on physical views and seeing this in the actual living brathing three dimensional flesh. Lot of good Nigerian art around at the moment, indeed we havesome in our own Cultivate-curated Alright? snow that opens this coming Tuesday, more blowing of our own trumpets further down this fracured page…

Gerald Chukwuma

4: 90 Seconds of Art is exactly that, a minute and a halffeature on an artist broadcast via Instagram. We did mention 90 Seconds as part of one of these five features a few weeks back, they feature people like street art duo Monkey Bird or “the amazing” Lily Brik or Sara Erenthal or 1010, so far it has mostly been street art, nothing wrong with that of course. Early days with 90 Seconds, they’ve posted nine features on their Instagram page so far, hopefully they’ll build on what jas been a rather healthy start, this is the age of art on Instagram being the be-all and end-all afterall, if it ain’t on your phone it ain’t happening or isn’t worth a stiff or soemthing like that. new features going up on their instagram all the time, the lates one features the “amazing car art” or Romero Britto and Duaiv Like the way these 90 seconds are flowing…

4 and a bit: Norman Ackroyd – New Work – on line at North House Gallery – Until 27th March. “This exhibition of etchings by Norman Ackroyd CBE RA, his twelfth biennial solo show at North House Gallery, showcases work from the last two years”. We;ve made n osecret for our admiration of all things Norman Ackroyd around these organic parts Seeing a Norman Ackrotd piece in the flesh really is a treat, alas for now everything has to be on-line, explore the new work here – and we make no apologies for quickly mentioning this again, we can never have too much Norman.

Norman Ackroyd.

And as we threatened up there, more blowing our own damn trumpets, if we don’t d oit then who will?

5: Alright? at Cultivate – opening, 8pm Tuesday March 16th – yeah yeah, I know, more blowing our own damn trumpets, if we don’t d oit then who will? Certain not that bloke in the red hat or his mate the self appointed London Art Critic who goes out of his way to avoid anything we do? The latest on-line art show from Cultivate will once again be hosted on these pages, opening on Tuesday evening, Alright?

Sometimes we artists just need to come together and make it happen ourselves. We will once again host a Cultivate art show, another of what now looks to be a series of monthly on-line art shows brought to you by Cultivate and hosted on these Organ pages. Organ and Cultivate are closely linked of course, you probably know that already, the exhibition will open at 8pm this coming Tuesday evening, Tuesday March 16th. Once again we Cultivate founders will be joined by 37 of our fellow carefully selected and invited artists for a group show featuring 39 of us and I expect around two hundred or so pieces of art, artists gathered from all over the land and indeed the globe, artists searched out and invited, artists from London, from Poland from Italy, from Nigeria, from the US, from Wales, from all over the world  You are invited to come and have a look next Tuesday, or indeed anytime after that for once a show goes up it stays up.

There’s been 14 on-line shows from Cultivate, you can find them all hosted on these Organ pages via this link, the first was back in 2017. The first Cultivate show was back in 2011, most Cultivate shows have bee nphysical affairs, we think, if we’ve counted correctly, Alright? will be the 163 show over the almost ten years that Cultivate has been a thing now. All about being proactive, this time we invited 37 of our fellow artists to come join us, aritists from all over the globe. Sometimes we artists just need to come together and make it happen ourselves

Okay, counting our own show as one of your five is a bit much, but hey, we keep sending out the press releases to the A-n people, the Artlyst people, we have t od oit ourselves, it is a dirty jbo, and we d ocare a lot, we have faith no more, not in the others, alway has been about doing it ourselves. This looks interest, off to the East Midland for a fifth slicve of art

5; LCB Depot is Leicester’s hub for “creative people and businesses. In March 2021 our creative industries programme focuses on film, video and photography with an online exhibition and events through the month. The exhibition features diverse work from invited creatives and selected work from an open call. Events include interviews, workshops, and a few surprises…” The website is loaded with links and things to explore, here’s the eignpost or the link or the whatever that takes you there or see more on Instagram

and there you go, more of this in a week or so,

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