ORGAN PREVIEW: “Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor” with artist Laura Lulika…

yea, I know, last minute parish notice, “From the corner of a studio space- three artists, disgruntled with their collective curriculums offerings created a new dialogue, born from the lack of diversity in art education”. This could be interesting later today. More details here

‘Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor’ is a lecture series that was created as an essential alternative within art education. Artists are invited to give lectures based on their experiences of the art world – whether that’s in the form of a love letter to your nan, the complexities of pricing up meal deals at tesco during your degree, or your aversion to eggs. Attend these lectures to discover how to finesse the system – from one marginalised person to another. These lectures are organised by artists and facilitators Ellie Harman-Taylor (whinegums), Ashleigh Williams and Georgina Tyson (Babeworld).

East Street Arts takes its turn, hosting the lecture series ‘Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor’ for a single event that will be broadcast live via Zoom and recorded and archived by Guild, an East Street Arts support programme supporting and empowering artists to help them create more resilient and sustainable work via artists’ spaces. ‘Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor’ is a lecture series created and organised by artists and facilitators Ellie Harman-Taylor (whinegums), Ashleigh Williams and Georgina Tyson (Babeworld) as an essential and accessible alternative to institutional art education. This particular iteration will platform Laura Lulika, who will discuss how they navigate the art world being disabled.

Laura Lulika (they/them) is a crip (sick+disabled) artist and researcher. Working predominantly with video, sound and performance, their practice explores themes of care, sexuality, labour, sickness and performativity in the everyday. Lulika has worked with many community groups including senior-citizen dancers and urban beekeepers. Collaboration is key to their practice. They strive to work in interdependent formats which reflect their care needs and the care needs of everyone involved. They often collaborate with their partner and carer, Hang Linton.

Lulika is an initiating member of Sickness Affinity Group which has been active for three years. SAG is a collection of artists, researchers and health practitioners, working with the topics of art, health and accessibility. They function as a support group and working group that challenges the competitive and ableist mode of working in the arts by sharing experiences and information and by prioritizing the well-being and access needs of its group.

Laura Lulika’s ‘Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor’ lecture will take place on14th March at 4pm. Tickets for this event can be booked FREE via eventbrite. It will be available to view online thanks to Guild at East Streets Arts shortly after – details here

More details about Laura via the (often not very friendly) Shape Arts oh hang on, here’s Laura’s instagram

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