ORGAN THING: A fifth 43 piece painting and a whole load of music from Organ days of yore – Sea Nymphs, Muy Feo, Cardiacs, Gog Magog, Cynical Smile, Raging Speedhorn…

Sean Worrall – 43 Paintings No.5 (March 2021)

Today’s Organ Thing of the day is more blowing of our own damn trumpets (or as Bob and Roberta likes to say, making our own damn art), well my trumpet, blowing my own damn trumpet. A new piece of work produced this week, a new painting. The fifth in an occasional series of paintings in 43 parts. One piece of work in 43 pieces, 43 paintings on cardboard CD envelopes. The first 43 piece came out in 2018, this is the fifth, always the same format, pop art, mass production, 43 paintings on cardboard CD envelopes always painted together as one piece of work, always released in 43 parts, and all very very very much about the painting, very much about the art on the front and the here and now and the floating anarchy but always with a touch of something left over from my past and the days of ORG Records and the days of the printed version of Organ.

This fifth piece, this fifth edition if you will, this fifth piece of work comes with two CDs in each of the hand painted envelopes, one a 19 track CD and one an 18 track CD compilation, both from the end of the last century, both professionally compiled and pressed. Both discs excess copies left over and both way too good to be heaved in the recycle bin or painted on. Musical treasure from the corner of the studio where they’ve been buried under paintings and old zines and gig posters and such for the last twenty years. Each painting is numbered, each one signed on the back, each one is a hand painted piece, acrylic and gloss varnish and all 43 paintings on sale via a newly opened Bandcamp page that will make available sone of the art associated with the print days days of Organ and ORG Records  

 Notes from the end of the century and the two CDs you will find inside the envelope that 43 Paintings No.5 is painted on

ORGAN RADIO 8 was originally released in 1999 as a cover mount and and a sampler for ORG Records , and if you ask me most of it still sounds damn good, still love that Rhatigan album and the way she made songs and sounds, still insist Charlie’s Angels were pop art perfection in a punk rock way and well, you never were going to nail down was Organ or the label was about. here you go. ORG Records is mostly what I was doing at the end of the last century, painting time I’ll never get back you might say. 

1    Cardiacs –  No Gold
2    Schulte/Eriksson –    For The Sake Of Clarity
3    Map –    Lexington KY
4    Muy Feo –    Too Pure
5    Gog Magog –    Nemesis
6    Dream City Film Club –    If I Die I Die
7    Angel Cage –  Princess Die
8    Sack Trick –  Robin’s Good News
9    Mogul –  Lips
10    Charlie’s Angels –  Don’t Say That You Love Me
11    Rhatigan –  Disconnected
12    The Sea Nymphs –  Appealing To Venus
13    Little Giant Drug – This Place Can Never Be Found
14    Pura Vida –  Dick Around
15    Inaura –  This Month’s Epic
16    Global Noise Attack –  Trance Talk
17    Cynical Smile Vs Vitro – Stitch
18    Cynical Smile –  Clone The Clowns (Demo Version)
19    Sack Trick –  Blue Ice Cream

The Organ Radio 10 compilation CD originally came out in the year 2000, it featured a combination of bands who were either being featured on the pages of Organ and playing our gigs at the time, or indeed were releasing material on our then offshoot time-eating record label ORG.  We always thought Organ presented a healthy refection of what was going on musically at the time and in the year 2000 in was a combination of alt.punk bands in transit vans, D.I.Y metalcore outfits (mostly from Southend), art rock, home made pop and the last taboo that was prog. This CD originally came out as a cover mounted sampler, if I remember rightly 2000 were pressed of which we have a very small number still sitting in the corner of my messy painting studio here. 

1    Cynical Smile –  When You’re Down
2    Inimenter – This Time
3    Caffiene – Lontango (Going Insane)
4    Cardiacs –  Asleep All Eyes Open
5    Herb Heinz – Not What I Wanted
6    Mogul – Roll With It
7    Cuban Boys –  Oh My God They Killed Kenny (Helium Hardcore Mix)
8    New Toy – Little Fish
9    Sleepy people –  Rarebird At The Window
10    Tence – Coming Down
11    Pornorphans – Razorblade
12    Little Giant Drug – Well Born
13    Misnomer  – Blackwave
14    Chola – Thirst
15    Stoopi –  Drawn (Demo Version)
16    Thee Overdose – Set My Soul On Fire
17    Raging Speedhorn –  Knives & Faces
18    Brutal DeLuxe – Soul Murder

1    Cynical Smile were an alt.metal flavoured hardcore outfit from Southend, Essex,  their debut album Stupas came out on ORG in the late 90’s, it was a very English take on the metalcore crossover thing that was going on at the time, they could be blistering live, this was a taste of things to come back them, a demo for the never released second album..

2    Inimenter were a short-lived ball of punk pop energy from Essex
3    Caffiene were a busy London punk pop outfit who had quite an underground thing going on around the turn of the century.
4    Cardiacs were always our fuel back there, they always drove us and at time some said we helped drive them, we released a few things with them, put them and various offshoot bands on many times, we nailed our colours when others didn’t have the guts to do so, we loved them, we love them, they’re why it all went on for so long at the expense of other things, it might have cost us but we wouldn’t have missed a minute of it
5    Herb Heinz was and still is from San Francisco, he made a number of rather fine albums, hopefully he is still making them. This is what we wanted, it was so much harder back in those days.  
6    Mogul were a fracture lo-fi synth pop punk band from Birmingham, they released a number of singles with us and with other people, Peel loved them, Oasis didn’t.
7    Cuban Boys – Peel loved the Cubans as well, they ended up in a battle with Cliff for the Christmas number one spot shortly after we released this, this in an alternative version of a single sold out in a day when we released it back in the day, proper pop art, proper punk rock, proper contradiction. 
8    New Toy were all mixed up with the London backstreet performance art scene and Anti Marilyn and Minty and Lee Bowery and such…
9    Sleepy people were from up North, they were playing a kind of Canterbury flavoured Prog Rock thing that sounded a bit like Family to these ears, some of them evolved into a band called Pop-A-Cat–A-Petal, both bands featured on ORG at the time.
10    Tence were an excellent London band who evolved out of an equally good alt.rock band called Pipedream a band who were regularly seen at Organ gigs around the turn of the century. 
11    Pornorphans were from Finland, we did various things with them before the music industry swallowed them up and spat them out
12    Little Giant Drug were mostly Shane and Mitch from Napalm Death, we released an album with them back there, I thought it was good. I was busy letting a lot of musicians eat up a lot of good painting time back there.
13    Misnomer  were, well I honestly can’t remember now, but hey, this still sounds good to me, who were they? Hey, it was 21 years ago, there’s been a lot of spray paint since then
14    Chola – see Misnomer
15    Stoopi were from Southend as well, there was a decent hardcore scene by the Essex seaside, Stoopi threatened to take it to new places, alas besided one low-budget split album with a London hip-hop flavoured hardcore band called Latch  they did nothing much in the end, damn shame, they were good for 15 seconds.
16    Thee Overdose were a busy gang of punk pop makers from Cumbria.
17    Raging Speedhorn – people still stop me in the street and offer me decent money for my now paint splattered Speedhorn t-shirt, I do believe they’re still out there, they played on a lot of Organ bills back in their early days
18    Brutal DeLuxe were another London-based gang of crossover metal makers who regularly played Organ bills at places like the Falcon or the Monarch or the Bull and Gate…

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