ORGAN THING: Back To The Future The Ride have a new album, you surely know by now that that is something not to be missed don’t you?

Now where were we? Halfway down the road to Berstow or catching up with the giant mountain of out of contol messages in the in box and yes this has been out for almost a month now and if we had been able to see the wood for the trees we would have been shouting about it a month ago and hey, don’t shoot us, we cover many many things the others choose to ignore. Back ToThe Future The Ride have figured many times on our pages and on our airwaves. Seems the good people of Deathbomb Arc were celebrating something on the day they send out the press release

“and to celebrate we have a new release from Back To The Future The Ride (mem True Neutral Crew, Foot Village, DRWG). It is the first new release from the act since 2017, and the 9th official album! It is called ‘Smog Psychic’ and was made in meditation on ways to get science deniers to still support paths towards helping the environment via the use of psychics, mystics, and ministers”.

And you see, we could write a review, yes we could, but hey, you have ears, you have the links, you have the Bandcamp, if we weren’t positive about the release then we wouldn’t have posted it here, we are very very picky about what we choose to post on these pages

“For those whom science does not speak, nature needs another orator. Seers to cast the fortunes of climate change and provide a vision of correct action for the superstitious; to realign their distrustful and wounded characters with the path of logic. This is the 9th official album from Back To The Future The Ride and the first since 2017”.

“You can grab it at any price you want, including free, here

2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Back To The Future The Ride have a new album, you surely know by now that that is something not to be missed don’t you?

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