ORGAN THING: Danny Elfman releases his April track and announces a new solo album Big Mess…

Well we were expcecting the latest in the monthly series of Danny Eldman releases that have been flowing rather nicely so far this year is out. However, hot on the heels of that Zach Hill remix that almost sneaked out at the start of the month, we haven’t got a one off track this month, we have the announcement of a whole new album alon with a latest track called True .

Acclaimed composer Danny Elfman has released a new song, “True,” which will appear on his first solo album in 37 years, Big Mess, out June 11th via Anti-/Epitaph. Here’s the video

True” arrives with an equally eerie music video directed by multimedia artist Sarah Sitkin. “The video is an exploration of fractured identity, muffled through the lens of memory,” Sitkin said in a statement. “Danny is a central figure within the video, yet only in his reproduced likeness via prosthetics, masks, and 3D printed body parts. I wanted to make a video that was gritty, unpolished and uncomfortable.”

Here’s the Bandcamp and other options

That Zach Hill remic featured on last night Other Rock Show, listen to the show here or investigate the temix here – ORGAN: Five Music Things – Danny Elfman meets Deathgrips man Zach Hill, some Yova, a new Noemienours album, more Tijuana Hercules, Moonshine and the Zaïre Space Program and well…

The Other Rock show happens every Sunday night on London’t arts radio station Resonance FM.

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