ORGAN THING: Ring’s legendary first tape album re-issued at long last. Back in the day Ring were the only other band really going off and things alongside those Cardiacs…

Way way back in the very first editions of Organ, way way way back in the last century, one of the very first things we ever wrote about was a Ring tape, back in the glorious days when it was all about DIY albums released on tape only and mostly sold by hand at gigs or through the post (soaped stamps on the packages) they were a big part of the underground scene. Ring were Organ regulars, gigs with Cardiacs, at free festivals, at places like the Clarendon over in Hammersmith with Nik Turmer, at Club Dog when is was still over in Wood Green way before the Robey. Ring tribe were everywhere for a couple of glorious years. There were two tape albums, ‘O De Dun Dun and Nervous Recreation, both were classics, the first of which, ‘O De Dun Dun, has finally resurfaced in a cleaned up remastered state. And as someone else has just pointed out “This is the legendary Croydon PsychPunkProgSpacerock Circus Troupe’s finest 50 minutes finally given a sonic springclean and available now on Bandcamp. It sounds wonderful”. Peter is right, it does sound wonderful, they were wonderful, they were brilliant live (you has to keep an eye out for a clown or two armed with a pie though). Ring were the only other band running around with Cardiacs, Bic became a Cardiac, some of the tribe became Levitation, Ring were wonderful, it was the best of times, they still have that magic, that innocence that came with the DIY tape culture and photocopied zines and adventures at the Pullens Festival or the Mermaid in Birmingam and one really special time going off and things down the Wardour Street Marquee. From the first notes of Peration Apricot it still sounds so good, so fresh, so right, bands like Ring, Cardiacs, Omnia Opera, Dream Clinic, speacial times….


“Originally released on cassette in 1986 ‘O De Dun Dun’ was recorded in various locations around the Croydon area in 1985 on a Cutec double speed cassette 4 track and mixed down onto a metal cassette.

In 2019 the original tape was transferred to digital by Dave Lynch at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne and then mastered by Ron Synovitz at Golden HIVE Studios in Prague.

Ring would like to thank everyone who took the time and patience to bring these recordings back to life, particularly Ron who we thank profoundly for his help.

90% of money made from the sale of ‘O De Dun Dun’ will be going to who do truly amazing work and 10% to whose work you’re probably already familiar with”

The days of Club Dog

One thought on “ORGAN THING: Ring’s legendary first tape album re-issued at long last. Back in the day Ring were the only other band really going off and things alongside those Cardiacs…

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