ORGAN THING: Killdozer thrashing AC/DC, Mount Shasta doing the same, more Sides, more SkinGraft, more Bandcamp Friday and…

Organ Thing of The Day: In a hurry today, flowers to paint, A Flower, you knbow the score, a qucik one, the DC and no one should ever be allowed to call them, never sounded so good. Now you see, if we were to start arguing about the greatest ever pieces of vinyl ever released in the whole history of vinyl, there would be no argument, is would be those Sides that SkinGraft released back there whenever it was, was it the last century?  They’re reissuing them right now. Rhe latest is Sides 7-10, they kicked it out in downladable form today. Sides was and I guess still is a series of vital seven inch complications that featured various left-field noise bands covering AC/DC classics. Here’s what the label have to say on the matter buy hey, nevermind the words or the bollocks or the price of fish, cut to the chase, you’ve got, oh look, the info is there, the Bandcamp is further down there…

SIDES 7-10 is four sides of Aussie-inspired rock straight off the bar-bie! Chicago’s (pre-Tijuana Hercules) noise-rockin’ nogoodniks MOUNT SHASTA kick off with “Whole Lotta Rosie”, a balls out feast for the ears that will have you jumping around the house and digging out that long closeted, cigarette-stained jean jacket! In stark contrast, The Denison Kimball Trio exercise more restraint than anyone would expect from the axeman of The Jesus Lizard and battering ram of The Laughing Hyenas. Duane and Jim deliver “Back In Blanc” (note: that’s not a typo), an atmospheric salute that glides off the turntable, into the ether and plants itself deep in your right hemisphere. The second platter picks up with the first new addition to the SIDES series in good long while. Chicago’s TAR bring the thunder with their walloping take on Hells Bells. And the late great KILLDOZER brings it all down with “Let Me Put My Love Into You”, a slow, touching dirge of unearthly heaviness. A fitting tribute from a band renowned for their tributes.

In the comic book, Todd Fischer (NOOD HAM) joins his brother Mark to help illustrate “North Pole Vaulting”, as they continue to dismantle and pick apart the story introduced in SIDES 1-4. It stars the label’s world famous mascot Hot Satan plus Serious Brown, Chiller Whale, the Karate Chimp, the Incredible Not-Hulk and SKiN GRAFT Records CEO Art Ceaser (sic)!!!

FUN FACT(S): This comic is chock full of subliminal messages. SKiN GRAFT bears no responsibility for anything, anywhere, anyhow. See the back cover for details.





Yeah, I know, we have gone on about these Sides things many many times over the years, all part of our ever caring service and today is Bandcamp Friday where al lthe money from sales at Bandcamp go direct to the bands and labels and such, nice one Bandcamp…

Did I ever mention we have our own Bandcamp page? Well I do, you might find yourselves all kinds of treats on there, Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs, Cynical Smile, I mean look at that for a tracklisting

1 Cardiacs – No Gold
2 Schulte/Eriksson – For The Sake Of Clarity
3 Map – Lexington KY
4 Muy Feo – Too Pure
5 Gog Magog – Nemesis
6 Dream City Film Club – If I Die I Die
7 Angel Cage – Princess Die
8 Sack Trick – Robin’s Good News
9 Mogul – Lips
10 Charlie’s Angels – Don’t Say That You Love Me
11 Rhatigan – Disconnected
12 The Sea Nymphs – Appealing To Venus
13 Little Giant Drug – This Place Can Never Be Found
14 Pura Vida – Dick Around
15 Inaura – This Month’s Epic
16 Global Noise Attack – Trance Talk
17 Cynical Smile Vs Vitro – Stitch
18 Cynical Smile – Clone The Clowns (Demo Version)
19 Sack Trick – Blue Ice Cream

or this one

1    Cynical Smile –  When You’re Down
2    Inimenter – This Time
3    Caffiene – Lontango (Going Insane)
4    Cardiacs –  Asleep All Eyes Open
5    Herb Heinz – Not What I Wanted
6    Mogul – Roll With It
7    Cuban Boys –  Oh My God They Killed Kenny (Helium Hardcore Mix)
8    New Toy – Little Fish
9    Sleepy people –  Rarebird At The Window
10    Tence – Coming Down
11    Pornorphans – Razorblade
12    Little Giant Drug – Well Born
13    Misnomer  – Blackwave
14    Chola – Thirst
15    Stoopi –  Drawn (Demo Version)
16    Thee Overdose – Set My Soul On Fire
17    Raging Speedhorn –  Knives & Faces
18    Brutal DeLuxe – Soul Murder 

More of all that right here, 37 tracks, two CDs and a series of 43 original paintings and yes that was blatant self-promotion, come on now, support your local Organgrinder…

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