ORGAN THING: The Orb’s Alex Paterson and original Orb member Andy Falconer have shared a video to Unknowable, watch it here…

Organ Thing of The Day: Sedibus, The Orb’s Alex Paterson and original Orb member Andy Falconer, have shared a video to ‘Unknowable’, taken from the “critically acclaimed album ‘The Heavens’ out now via Orbscure Recordings“. Here it is, as simple as that….

You can explore the whole album here….


here comes the lazy cut ‘n paste, way way too hot and sticky today for anything else but the mellow sounds of these Orbs and a lazy cut and paste

Sedibus – is it a chair? Is it a sofa? No, it’s a video from outer space, from the system where Toi 1338b resides …. comes the video so unknowable yet so pure, it’s a master class and we should stop war now. Spinning tops to spinning Earth with your favourite metal robots, trying to save our world from destruction. Sit down on a chair and get your vision on. Tell the world we have arrived.” Alex Paterson.

Filmed in the shadow of the Tihange Nuclear Power Plant, Belgium, which still operates today despite serious safety concerns, the concept behind the ‘Unknowable’ video is the creation of Dirk Gerigk and Stefan Bahl of BS-Films and questions human need for nuclear production and acts as a reminder of nuclear catastrophe. Combining irresistible beats and bombastic piano, the video is a sublime marriage of sounds and visuals – a wonderful, whimsical journey with a nod to the cult, trashy 50s sci-fi films and features space-race style graphics and tin robots, brought to life against a backdrop of driving ambient sounds.

Sedibus are The Orb’s Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer who engineered/co-wrote the ambient sides of the ‘Ultraworld’ album back in 1991. 30 years have passed since that seminal release when the two were last in the studio together. ‘The Heavens’ is the first release on Orbscure Recordings – a new vehicle for Paterson’s impressive quantity of output in different groups, which runs parallel to his continued music within The Orb.

Sedibus ‘The Heavens’

An original deep space mission, the album imbues 30 years of experience, skill and insight. Alex and Andy’s paths would cross once again in 2017 at Youth’s Space Mountain festival in southern Spain, where both were playing separately before deciding to work together again. The album became a long distance work with audio files, ideas and inspirations flying back and forth between England and Germany via email, telephone and the airwaves of WNBC radio. Mixed by Andy in Germany, the album made its final journey across the channel for mastering and compiling in England under Alex’s guiding hand. “Organic in feel and clearly referencing our shared roots, ‘The Heavens’ is an immersive journey of ambient electronica which not only references a source, but the distance travelled from that point of origin to something new,” says Andy.

From the euphonious soundscapes of ‘Afterlife Aftershave’ and the pulsating textures of ‘TOI 1338b, to the irresistible beats and bombastic piano of ‘Unknowable’ and immersive deep ambiance of ‘Papillions’, ‘The Heavens’ sets the benchmark for an exciting new future for Orbscure Recordings. “It’s felt good to sit down with Alex and make music again, especially after all this time. Nearly half a lifetime to be exact, and maybe that’s what’s made this return so sweet. Our interactions both somehow so familiar and yet so new, and I believe that this element is reflected in the music.”

More via via Orbscure Recordings

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