ORGAN: Five Music Things – New Liars, Fresh Hell, VdGG, Dog and Pony Records, Murder in The Red Barn, something magical from Slow Pulp, Chokolatine, Pool…

The five thing. Five more…. again. Again and again and again (and again). Five more, same as last time (and the time before) five more music things, another five? Already? Alright already? You never answered the question, you never do, why is that? Poor what? Who? Where’s did we put the plot? Dive? Five more pieces of earfood? Shall we do it again? Back to back to back being back to the five musical things thing and the fractured music portal yet again (and again and again) and yeah, we did say all this last week and this is a test and the weeks before and blah blah blah while the whole world window and no, we never do and the proof of the pudding and all that proof reading. It doesn’t really matter if it was a television fizzing and going off and things back then when we first heard of the Window going off and things. and like we did ask last time, does anyone bother reading the editorial? Does anyone ever actually look down the rabbit hole or is it all just method acting? Cut to the chase, there’s loads of music further down the page, well five or so pieces of music, cut to the damn chase again.

1: Liars – Love those Liars but are they starting to tread water? Big Appetite, taken from the forthcoming LIARS album ‘The Apple Drop’, released by Mute on August 6th. More here should you need it, it does grow and surely by now those Liarsd have thr right t odemand you give them a little more time than most bands to let things grow on you? It is growing, it is, no pants on fire, it really is, nd that video does put you in a splin, excellent video and well it feels like we really need ot hear that track within the body of the new album. Watch this space I guess, do I guess? I don’t like to guess..

2: Pool – are they Pool Kids or did they say “the kids is dead now”, don’t ask us, we were just the delivery service, it came ourt on red flexi vinyl, they’re from allahassee, Florida, here’s the tune, there the link to their Bandcamp, do what you will with it all…


3: Chokolatine – don’t ask us, something the way they move or something. mellow Math Rock flavoures, a duo from France…

4: Slow Pulp – We’ve said it before about the very mellow band from Madison, Wisconsin, they’re not doing anything radically different, they’re not pushing the envelope, their music sounds like lots and lots of pieces of music that land here on a daily basis, they simply shouldn’t be making it onto our pages, but they do everytime they release soemthing. Slow Pulp have something, they have something extra, some secret ingredient that makes them work again and again, something beautifully understated, inviting, something just right, something magical, just something… “At It Again (Again)” is taken from ‘Deleted Scenes’ – out June 30 on Winspear

“Wisconsin-bred and Chicago-based band Slow Pulp – Emily Massey (vocals/guitar), Alexander Leeds (bass), Theodore Mathews (drums), and Henry Stoehr (guitar) – released their remarkable debut album Moveys in the Autumn of last year, to critical acclaim. Today they are announcing their new 7” entitled Deleted Scenes, which will feature two reimagined tracks from Moveys that be released via Winspear digitally on June 30th and physically on November 12th

And here they are again at the end of last year

5: Van Der Graaf Generator – I guess the whole point of this new single, a new mix of a song from a year ot two back is that people who have never heard the band, one of the finest ever, ill hear them for the first time. Here you go. More about the release here. This new single came out last week, a new mix of an old song from a band wh oare still around and still as vital as ever. More here – ORGAN THING: A new Van Der Graaf Generator single, all the box set and re-issue news and notes, well a new mix and a rather beautiful one, Refugees…

.And now you’ve had a small taste, you’ll need more, here you go, in at the deep end, the only band who can seriously battle Cardiacs for title of finest band ever…

And why not check this out as well, a four way twelve track compilation on Chicago’s rather tasty Dog and Pony Records, There;s lotd more to explore on their Bandcamp. And hang on, Murder in The Red Barn and well go see for yourself, “The second album in our digital reissue series. Dark and brooding post-rock/americana”, so the label say, love the police sirens!



5: Fresh Hell – More fron Chicago, that is five now isn’t it? Do rather like this Dog and pony lot…

And while we’re here., more Slow Pulp…

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