ORGAN THING: Devi Tensione, an earthquake as we turn our backs, some rather well painted sound art or musical eyefood or something like that…


Devi Tensione, Un sisma mentre ci voltiamo di spalle. You can find this on Bandcamp something just released, this week an earthquake as we turn our backs so it see,. Organ Thing of The DAY: I don’t know, maybe the stars make it work? I do like a star..Are words needed with this rather beautiful piece of well crafted work from Devi Tensione? You have it there, you can listen t o it, you can see the artwork, you can hear the artwork, you can let it wash around you, you really don’t need any words. , it is rather beautiful, it is our chosen Thing of The Day, it does reveal more and more with each play. r Released on the always interesting Union Editions label from Rome, Italy, well worth exploring everything they have on their Bandcamp page )actually, are they a label? Who are Union Editions?



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