ORGAN PREVIEW: Are you ready for Folkestone Triennial? There’s less than one week to go…

Organ Preview: “Are you ready for Folkestone Triennial?  There’s less than one week to go!” read the headline in the inbox. It is one of our favourite set of days out, you do need to go back several times during the summer of a Folkestone Triennial year. A Triennial year is always a good year, seaside treats and all that.

“That’s right, in less than a week the fifth Folkestone Triennial begins. From Thursday 22 July to Tuesday 2 November, the town will be transformed into a gallery of incredible art. To get you excited, we made a little trailer offering a sneak peek at what to expect”.

“Curated for the third time by Lewis Biggs, the 2021 Triennial (entitled The Plot) invites visitors to consider urban myths and their relation to verifiable realities: the gap between the story and the actuality. We are also delighted to present a public programme of talks, tours and inspiring events to give you a greater insight into the exhibition. All events are free but booking is essential”

There is also the Fringe, the Fringe is always as interesting as the big names and the main event, the artist-led side sevings are always rather welcoming. Watch this space, more nes once we’ve caught a fast train from stratford and finally escaped London for the seaside and some art…

Folkestone Triennial 2021

Precious Folkestone Triennial adventures and art drops with the Fringe and the Art Car Boot Fair and such. Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the fractured slide show…

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