ORGAN THING: Yes have returned with their first new music in seven years, hear some here…

Organ Thing of The Day: Yes have returned with their first new music in seven years. Their new single, “The Ice Bridge”, is taken from their upcoming album The Quest. Here, with no further messing about with wordery, is the new piece…

Now it isn’t really close to the going for the one in a topographic ocean, and is it even really actually Yes? I say this as survivour of the Buggles riots when we all had tickets for the Drama tour and the line up suddenly drastically changed before the gigs…

“The song explores the theme of climate change, and was written by Jon Davison and Geoff Downes. Davidson explained the song’s writing: “Usually what happens is each member is left to write their respective parts and put their stamp on things. Geoff sent me a selection of exciting and often gorgeous snippets he had created and made it clear that he wished I experiment freely and develop as needed.

“This, in turn, gave me the confidence to take on the vocal role – lyrics, vocal melody and harmony, how the vocals are presented and uniquely phrased – but all the while striving to stay faithful to Geoff’s initial ideas.”

Jon’s vocals are fantastic,” Geoff Downes added, “he’s really come into his own as a Yes vocalist. This time he’s started to get the writing side together and working with the other musicians has been developmental for him. I think he’s hit a rich seam on this one.”

“A definite return to form after the last weak studio album. The glory days are gone, but this is good” said someone on social media, an that’s the thing really, it is good, but but but, by the glorious standards of Yes and well who is actually in yes this week? Answers on a postcard to Mr R Wakeman, Centre of The Earth, Somewhere near 1974. Arguments here have us kind of liking it maybe, we’re still arguing over Union.. Do kind of like the evolution of the logo, it al llooks and sounds kind of okay from up here on this rather splintery fence but is it really Yes or just a good imitation?

Album details

Meanwhile, Jon Anderson, the original Yes frontman is touring the US with the Paul Green Rock Academy, they’ve just rerleased this rather impressive version and video of Yes classic Heart Of The Sunrise

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