ORGAN THING: An impressive new album and a first taste from the Brooklyn-based Faust-flavoured Kraut-edged electronic collective Pas Musique….

A more than worthy Organ Thing of The Day today. Brooklyn-based electronic collective Pas Musique, known for their “experimental joy-rides, fantastic live shows and for being prolific”, will be releasing a new album this autumn. Ahead of the release they’ve just let loose a track and a rather fine video,. here it is, more about the album and some earler moves..

There is only the one track publicly available right now, we do have an advance copy of the the whole album here though, the whole thing is rather positively adventurous, we do get so many examples of this kind of thing, examples where the music pilots are happy to just set a safe enough course and riff on their Neu/Faust/Can influences without really wanting to take it somewhere past their safety net, this new album from Pas Musique, comes with a desire to be a little more, a desire to dare. Some of it almost rushes at you, some of it takes you on a slower ride, some of it tastes of the best things Harvey Bainbridge was doing on his days off from the good spaceship Hawkwind, there’s some rather beautiful detail here, a full bodied set of mostly compositions. Is there a touch of the mighty Webcore in the there? We are, we are, we are? Their excellent Faust cover is a delight of course but not necessarily a highlight, Jeanne-Marie Varain’s spoken word seduction adds lots (Jean-Herve Peron’s daughter, he of Faust). The whole body of work is strong, it all flows in the way you need things like this to flow – it does glitch, it does snag,  it always flows though, and the vital things are to be found in the details, the little jewels that catch your ears. That’s What They Said is a bright, uplifting, that’s nice, does it have a feel or that early Hawkwind (Zoo) hope?   There;s something very alluring about this album, about these pieces, the whole thing is a Kraut Rock flavoured delight, the start of That’s What They Said can’t fail to lift you… (sw)

The single will be available from August 25th, the album is released on October 1st. More details via Bandcamp

here’s a slice of the press release – “Pas Musique return with a full band release titled “Amateur Radio”, with six new electronic, experimental, krautrock influenced tracks. Jeanne-Marie Varain, (Jean-Herve Peron’s daughter/Faust) collaborates on a cover of “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl”. The Faust cover was developed in 2019 for WFMU’s DJ Scott Williams “KRAUT! Covered” compilation and is now available for the first time on (white) vinyl. The album title “Amateur Radio” is mirrored by the same broadcasting term using the radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radiosport, contesting, and emergency communication. “Amateur Radio” was inspired by the Pas Musique 2019 U.S. tour and recorded shortly after in Brooklyn at Pas Musique headquarters and mixed by All Real Sound. The tracks are dense and textured mixing in field recordings from the 2019 U.S.tour”.

Pas Musique / Facebook / Bandcamp for the album / Bandcamp for more

And while we’re here, we do rather like this piece from 2012

Unreality TV : Dinner With the Olsens’ by Pas Musique and Damien Olsen. This is part one in a series of absurdist, experimental audio/video presentations.

“We take the everyday banal situation and turn it into something intense and surreal. Inspired by hungarian film director, Béla Tarr’s concept of the “Cinema of Patience”, PAS presents to you a more intense, psychedelic version of this idea. This video is best experienced in a complete viewing to get the full feel of losing oneself in it. Stop and listen, stop and see, stop and take the time to have a full enriching experience. Not just with this video but with life”.

Starring: Donna Fiscina Damien Olsen Robert L. Pepper Princess Produced and Edited by : Robert L. Pepper Additional Audio and Video by : Damien Olsen


“Pas Musique presents: ‘Venomous’ Shortened Version. A study in movement and sound. Starring : Đào Anh Khánh, Đoàn Minh Hoàn, and Brett Zweiman Directed, Edited, and Filmed by : Robert L. Pepper of PAS Musique Music by: David Tamura, Jon V. Worthley, Amber Brien, and Robert L. Pepper Filmed on location in Hanoi, Vietnam February 2013 at Đào Anh Khánh’s Studio”

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