ORGAN THING: Phenomenal Handclap Band remix Supreme Love Gods (feat. Kurt Vile, Bauhaus, The Dandy Warhols and more)

“Heya! Hope you’re having a good week, thought you might like this one. Loads of good guests. I wanted to give you the heads up because we’re releasing the single tomorrow”. Well that was yesterday, tomorrow is today now (unless you’re reading this next week and if you are then I’m still broke as a result of the art galleries all closing for a year and id only we had an Art Nation like those crew do) 

Where are, today is tomorrow now and apparently this release is about “raising money for Crew Nation”  seems the story is “effected sound-engineer Tommy Joy, of early 90s alternative rock band Supreme Love Gods, a band we covered a time or two back there in the days of print and flogging our Organs by hand, actually did we put them on? They do say if you can remember it you weren’t really there, where were we? “Tommy Joy, of early 90s alternative rock band Supreme Love Gods is releasing collaborative single ‘We Are All Together’ with his bandmates and a host of friends from his extensive career including members of Bauhaus, The Dandy Warhols, The Black Angels, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Kurt Vile & The Violators and more. The outcome is a cross-genre cacophony of sound pinned down by the original tracks infectious hook”.

So we, me and the pigeons, had a listen or twenty two to the track they told us they were releasing tomorrow, that was yesterday, today is today, the track is now out there so we can cut the crap and share it with you and like we’ve said before, I know you never read any of this, I know you just (quite rightly) cut to the chase and play the track then hit the link if you want some more. All you really need to know is that, “ahead of the release of the single this week they’ve shared the remix by Phenomenal Handclap Band in all its era-defining bagginess”

I guess we better at least attempt some kind of review? Bagginess? I guess so, give it a moment, let it build, wait for it, let it kick in, let it flower up, let it grow, let it flow, wooooow, it sounds good – show it, show it some love, love and Roses, Flowered Up, wait though, wait, let that vocal kick in, that rap, we are all together, how gooooooood is this? How just right is this, well beyond just 90’S bagginess now, a monster, and these last couple of years has been bad bad monster bad, but his is a positive monster, and matching along singing our song, all Butterfieid Blues and Sly and the Family and some guy called Gerald and a whole mix of good good things, play it again, I know you ain’t reading any of this, you’ve already cut to the musical chase and started playing the track, by now you should be dancing like a fool, dancing on the Stretty with the Roses.  Let it grow now, give it time, this is feelinmg good. And as you gave up reading any of this ages ago I can just go on about any old thing now and whatever did happen to those Dandy Warhols anyway? They dumped the damn Brian Jonestown Massacre on us and made a run for it, thanks for that! Was that the 90’s or the start of this century?. Really need to hear this Phenomenal Handclap Band coming out of a big big speaker stack, Supreme Love Gods indeed, the world supreme team, people pulling together, we are all together. Lost count of how many times this has been played in here today, all souled out, so so good, taste that pleasure, we are all together, indeed a cross-genre cacophony of sound pinned down by the original tracks infectious hook, “will you stop playing that damn track now!”, no, hit the play it again button, let’s go round again,  

The ‘We Are All Together’ EP is out on August 13th via One Little Independent Records. The ‘We Are All Together (Phenomenal Handclap Band Remix)’ is out today, August 11th, more info beneath the actual track…

Some more background, the press release…

“In 2020 Tommy Joy, of early 90s alternative rock band Supreme Love Gods, found himself completely without work in the wake of the global pandemic. A sound-engineer and tour manager by trade, he found his life, alongside most of his industry, completely devastated. Restlessness, and a desire to help, led him to contact his old bandmates, as well as a host of other friends from his extensive career, and they put together the new charity EP, ‘We Are All Together’, out August 13th via One Little Independent Records.

Ahead of its release this week they’ve shared the remix by Phenomenal Handclap Band in all its era-defining bagginess. The EP collects four versions of their original track ‘Souled Out’, also including Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The original song was recorded and released in 1992 and they repurposed the old masters for this project including the lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass guitar and horn section. They sent a basic new mix of the song (‘We Are All Together’) to people to do with what they wanted. New additions include everything from handclaps to vocals, guitars, synths and even a saw (played by Pall Jenkins). In the end, they had more than 30 contributors with over 150 tracks to mix.

Further contributions came from the likes of Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus), Peter Holmstrom (The Dandy Warhols), Jake Garcia (The Black Angels), Quincy Mccrary (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jack White), Rob Laakso (Kurt Vile & The Violators, Diamond Nights), Morgan Phalen (Diamond Nights, Justice), Rat (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin), Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Ric Peet (Candy Flip), Bob Harrow (Immigrant Union), Jordy Birch (Pure, Guilty About Girls), Farmer Dave (Beachwood Sparks, Kurt Vile & the The Violators), Jackson Smith (Patti Smith Group), Kurt Vile, Greg Erwin (Saint Motel), Seth Rumsey (Diamond Nights), Tim Traynor (Diamond Nights), Traci Nelson (Girls), Lola Dompe (Automatic), Ben Carr: (Personality Cult), Vinsantos, Jessica Winter and more.

The outcome is a four-track medley, a cross-genre cacophony of sound pinned down by the original tracks infectious hook. A no holds barred fusion of everything from rock to hip-hop and between. Also included is 15-year-old rapper Jan Thompson who features with his topical verse.

Tommy says; “The response was amazing, from an amazing group of people. It took quite a while to put it all together, I got a lot of help from the bands, a bunch of producers and of course loads of friends. All proceeds will benefit those who are working tirelessly to help people in need during this pandemic. Please give what you can. Thank you and enjoy!”

“We are appreciative of all the amazing artists who have contributed to this project in support of Crew Nation” said Nurit Smith, Executive Director, Music Forward Foundation. “This collaboration and the money raised is truly valued as we continue to lend our support to the crew members around the world who still need our help.”

About Supreme Love Gods

Supreme Love Gods were an alternative rock group from Fresno, California, active from 1990 to 1993. They signed to Columbia/Sony Music in 1991 and released an EP in England entitled ‘Righteous’ on One Little Independent (then One Little Indian) later that year (this release coincidentally arrives 30 years after their initial OLI output). Their self-titled album was issued on Def American in 1992 and single ‘Souled Out’ was released and hit No. 16 on the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart. The group toured with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, 808 State, Flowerhead and Meat Beat Manifesto.

About Phenomenal Handclap Band

Phenomenal Handclap Band was formed in New York in 2009 by producer Daniel Collás. Their self-titled debut album was a captivating and highly-regarded concept album that fused forward-thinking disco, psychedelic prog rock, and classic soul. The band supported the likes of Bryan Ferry and Franz Ferdinand, along with notable performances at festivals such as Glastonbury, Wireless, and Latitude, as well as praise from Sir Paul McCartney. A second album, ‘Form & Control’, was soon recorded, this time in London at the legendary RAK studios, which garnered critical acclaim and more touring. Following a brief hiatus, Collás began to produce other artists at his studio in Brooklyn. Bringing on board multi-instrumentalist Juliet Swango and synthesizer wizard Monika Heidemann, they completed the third Phenomenal Handclap Band album, ‘PHB’. The first single ‘Judge Not’ was nominated for “Track of the Year”, Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards in 2019. The album ‘PHB’ was released in May 2020 and has received support from notable DJs and radio personalities as Simon LeBon, Gilles Peterson, Craig Charles, and DJ Harvey. Phenomenal Handclap Band were also featured artists on Horse Meat Disco’s critically acclaimed ‘Love & Dancing’ LP with ‘Sanctuary’, produced by Daniel Collás and Luke Solomon, and released as a single this past June. It has been featured on Elton John’s Rocket Hour, as well as Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6 show.

About Crew Nation

With much of the live music and festival industry on hiatus, Crew Nation extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who need support. Crew Nation works to provide monetary grants to those facing hardship during the pandemic and beyond. Crew Nation is powered by Music Forward Foundation, a charitable 501c3 organization, that is administering and managing the fund. So far, the fund has raised $18 million, helping 15,000 live music crew members across 48 countries who were impacted by rescheduled or cancelled shows due to the pandemic. With concerts and festivals still largely on pause, there are hundreds of thousands of crew members who still need help. The fund hopes to double its impact and raise at least $30 million so that it can continue providing support for these independent workers who are the backbone of the live music industry.

The Bandcamp bit / the pre-order bit


About the time Atom Seed were touring with those Red Hot Chilli Peppers sometime in the early 90’s and we hit Manchester and none of them save for the drummer had the balls to to come with us to the Hacienda, they hid in Gilly’s – nah, we’ll save that one for the book, we remember the 90’s, the Chilis were full of themselves… Play it again, the sun is out, paly it again..

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