ORGAN: Five Music Things – Maarja Nuut, Foxx Bodies, more Psychic Graveyard, a ‘new’ Cynical Smile single, Thumpermonkey’s Michael Woodman, Dimmer, Mother of Sighs, a bit of Cheer Accident…

Kiss The Big Ugly Shark

The five music things thing again? Already? Five more? Again? Do we need a new editorial yet? Is there a point? is there any point? What do points make?  What is the point? Again and again and again (and again). Five more, same as last time (and the time before) five more musical things to explore, another five? Already? Alright already? You never did answer the question, shame about last time around, where’s did we put the plot? Dive? Five? Dave? Five more pieces of earfood? Shall we do it again? Back to back to back being back to the five musical things thing and the fractured music portal yet again (and again and again) and yeah, we did say all this last week and the weeks before and blah blah blah while the whole world window and no, we never do and the proof of the pudding and all that proof reading. It doesn’t really matter if it was a television fizzing and going off and things back then when we first heard of the Window going off and things. and like we did ask last time, does anyone bother reading the editorial? Does anyone ever actually look down the rabbit hole or is it all just method acting? Cut to the chase, we could just cut ‘n paste the editorial from the last time, there’s loads of music further down the page, well five or so pieces of music, cut to the damn chase, who needs an editorial? Who needs any of this? Who needs it, who needs it, just cut to the chase…

Who really needs any of this? Cynical smile? Same what every day?

Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver – More here

1:Actually, before anything else Cynical Smile have a new single out, a vinyl thing, a seven inch that you won’t find on YouTube or Bandcamp, actually now I think about it, you can find that track on Bandcamp can’t you, actually no, it was something else, s different track. We did release their first album back in the days of ORG Records some time at the end of the last century, the Southernd hardcore band still sound good to us, I do believe they’re semi born again in some kind of maybe threatennig to play a gig or release new stuff kind of way. or other. The single fratures a couple of tracks that were going to be the second album back there in the day… those links you jsut passed will take you to the single, very much a vinyl only thing but I do believe they gathere a whole laod of unreleased tracks and put them out on CD or as a download last year, I believe that’s what happened?

Enough with the history, on with the new stuff…

1: Psychic Graveyard – we’ve said all this already, we’ve posted a number of tracks from the new album on these pages now – Psychic Graveyard will release their new album Veins Feel Strange on September 10th via Deathbomb Arc. Today the band premier a new video from the album, “A Good-Looking Ghost”on some website or other, not ours, we just stole it, told you before, we can’t be doing with all this premiering or marketing bulpoop, write a letter to the New York Times if you have a problem with it. A band oft covered around here of course, via our fractured pages and radio waves, and you know our first word isn’t silence, according to some website that claims to be the “last independent music site”, hey, I bet they haven’t been kissing big ugly sharks since 1986, nah, come on, you won’t catch us covering those averagely average Killers anytime soon, we’re probably saying all this with our tongues firmly in our cheeks, I imagine we are, don’t think much of today’s song of the day either or yesterday’s for that matter, on with it all, here’s the video we stole…

“The band has released two albums, Loud As Laughter (Skin Graft) + A Bluebird Vacation (Deathbomb Arc) and two EPs, The Next World (Skin Graft) + Mouths (Deathbomb Arc). According to the band, the process of writing is unusual for them. San Diego-based Joyner sends files filled with the skeletons of songs to Vieira and Paul in Providence, Rhode Island, and Ovett in Charlotte, NC. The three members add their parts, and then the songs undergo an arduous, back and forth until all of the members agree on the final version. The distance of the members and the anomalous approach to writing resulted in a diverse, yet coherent recordings, that pick up and drop off the listener at dramatically different places. Like nerve endings spliced and sewn back together, the process spawned a whole new auditory system – which serves as the infrastructure for Psychic Graveyard”.

The band have two upcoming tours in 2022 supporting both Daughters and METZ. Pre-order Veins Feel Strange HERE

2: Maarja Nuut is an Estonian singer, electronic artist and composer whose work spans a vast range of rich musical worlds

“On the 20th August, Nuut is set to release her third solo album ‘Hinged’ (via Bandcamp), having recently collaborated with experimental artist Ruum on the ciritically acclaimed albums ‘Muunduja’ (2018) and ‘World Inverted’ (2020) and with Sun Araw on ‘Fantasias for Violin & Guitar’ (2020). Releasing her debut solo album ‘Une Meeles’ in 2016. Restlessly creative, Nuut has always been interested in storytelling and what the past can tell us about the future; for her, myths provide connection points to the modern world and societal upheaval. “One’s existence hinges on past generations – we are what has come before. I gradually began to grasp this thought after inheriting my grandmother’s old farm. Five generations’ worth of personal possessions; land that had sustained my forebearers. Clearing the impenetrable brush, and sorting through buildings bursting with artifacts, felt like a long ritual filled with layers, layers, and more layers. In between this physical, emotional work, I spent time in my seaside studio randomly wiring modulars, experimenting with my voice, and strumming old vermona organ, just as a spontaneous reflection of my thoughts or, at times, as an imaginary reunion of relatives. Those sessions eventually became ‘Hinged’, a record deserving of its very specific bilingual title – in Estonian, it means departed spirits and soul; in English, a link that holds things together. These songs are a thread between the two meanings, and a summation of a year spent exploring my family history and my place in it,” she says.

From the gentle, ambient washes of tracks like ‘Kutse Tantsule / A Call for Dance’ to the urgent, broken rhythms of ‘Subota’, there is a sense of intrigue and wonder in Nuut’s mercurial songwriting, often highlighted by her otherworldly vocals. Elsewhere, ‘A Feast’ relies on a series of textures and moods while ‘A Scene / Merevees’ chimes to the hum of Nuut’s vocals once more providing a unique experience throughout. Ahead of the album release, Maarja is pleased to share new single ‘A Scene / Merevees’, which relies on a series of deep textures and floating moods”..

2: Mother of Sighs ‘s/t’ (members of The Holy Circle) – We’ll just park this here, another number two, none of this is in any particular order, you make of it what you will, we invite you to read on and the nhit the play button – “On a trip in the spring of 2008, I woke up in a pool of blood. I knew it was coming. I started spotting days before. The doctor in the Swiss ER apologized profusely for their English. They asked questions and probed my uterus. The hurried bustle, mumbles and shouts in French and German, half heard explanations of tissue likely flushed away, the highly probable and common occurrence. The sounds were swelling and peaking, assaulting me. My womb had rejected this badly wanted pregnancy. I had held it at bay for over a year but was completely helpless in that moment as familiar waves of terror and sadness began washing over me [cont. on the Bandcamp page]”


3: Foxx Bodies – “Bad Kid” is the first single from Foxx Bodies’ new album, Vixen, coming November 5th. “oxx Bodies often describe themselves as an accident. Bailey Moses, Adam Bucholz, and Matt Vanek came together in their shared home when their singer Bella Vanek asked everyone to play loud music she could scream over after she began unpacking her newly-recognized childhood abuse. While each of them had been practicing musicians from a young age, none had been in a band before Foxx Bodies.

Their new album Vixen (out 5th November on Kill Rock Stars) is, in so many ways, a story about coming to terms with yourself. It only made sense that the band would have to do just that while weathering a pandemic before finally releasing this album into the world. Foxx Bodies’ music has always been about the combat of survival, which singer Bella Vanek has never been shy about. She can be found just about anywhere sharing her own struggles with mental illness, eating disorders, sexual abuse, or… really whatever most people are afraid to say out loud”. The Bandcamp page is here

4: Michael Woodman, guitarist/vocalist of the rather excellent Thumpermonkey, a band we covered rather a lot back in their early days, has a new solo album just out. A rather expressive body of work, very much the Thumpermonkey fingerprint all over it..


“Named for the ancient Greek term for wind in the trees, ‘Psithurism’ moves away from Woodman’s maximalist sci-fi contributions to Thumpermonkey’s recent ‘Make Me Young Etc’, inhabiting instead the quiet interstices between mossy wet stones. ‘Murder ballads with funny counting’, if you like – fusing 70s progressive influences with 80s Scott Walker and weird fiction – sinister narratives featuring backwoods criminality, cryptids hidden in the shin-tangle, recently burned buildings hissing in rain, and the warm, sad ochre of nostalgia.” The Bandcamp link

5: Dimmer – “Dimmer’s fourth album tells you right from the start where it manifests from, ‘midREM’. Continuing the duo’s work in live sampling, processing, feedback, looping by thomas dimuzio and tape manipulation and processing by joseph hammer – the sound crafted feels more substantial than a symbolic representation of dream sleep; it feels like hearing dreams themselves. DIMMER’s most recent albums were on ISOUNDERSCORE and LA Free Music Society. Joseph Hammer is also a member of LAFMS. Thomas Dimuzio works in mastering with acts such as Clipping and Matmos”.

Now we vould add some words of our own, but you have the music right there, you can listen to their winds and the things that just out of view and lurking around the corner, the kind of sound, sound rather than noise, that demand you carefully look around the corner just to see. It sounds oranic, maybe not quite of this world, but hey, you don”t need my words, you’re on the internet, the sound is just a click away, feed your mouse now.. Deathbomb Arc once more..


There you go, another bsg load of musical things and while we’re here, two more things…

Cynical Smile” – Acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 30cm x 4cm (July 2020)

Way back in the days of ORG Records, which of course was how all our time got sucked up back there. They were a damn good live band, Cynical Smile got me into all kinds of fights with the hardcore scene police, the album was recorded in a week, some of it still sounds good, we really should put it up on Bandcamp… I detest Spotify, I see they’ve put it up there, no one told me or asked me of course but then that was always the way with bands amd wreckord labels, a thankless task, got to still love the Smile. Hey kids, never start a record label, there’s still probably a very strong EP to be found on Stupas, dp,r of thpse times were good, we last saw them on the Southend seaffromt, was it with Stands To Reason or Stoopi? Don;t ask me, no one ever did…

Meanwhile there is a Bandcamp page now, recently opened, right now you’ll find a A fifth 43 piece painting and a whole load of music from Organ days of yore – Sea Nymphs, Muy Feo, Cardiacs, Gog Magog, Cynical Smile, Raging Speedhorn. This fifth piece, this fifth edition if you will, this fifth piece of work comes with two CDs in each of the hand painted envelopes, one a 19 track CD and one an 18 track CD compilation, both from the end of the last century, both professionally compiled and pressed. Both discs excess copies left over and both way too good to be heaved in the recycle bin or painted on. Musical treasure from the corner of the studio where they’ve been buried under paintings and old zines and gig posters and such for the last twenty years. Each painting is numbered, each one signed on the back, each one is a hand painted piece, acrylic and gloss varnish and all 43 paintings on sale via a newly opened Bandcamp page that will make available sone of the art associated with the print days days of Organ and ORG Records

Have we mentioned Cheer Accident this week? Here’s slice of goodness

And well, why not Guitarist Jitse Zonneveld and keys player Frank Steijns recorded in the centre of the city of Weert in the south of the Netherlands. July 17th 2021

More of this in a while, maybe….

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