ORGAN THING: Molly Millions shares the Nicole Moudaber and Dusty Kid remixes of Vodka Shot – Listen right here…

Organ Thing of The Day, now we’re motoring (as John Peel once as an introduction to a Doctor and The Crpipens track. A Thing of the day, an Organ Thing of the day, your daily thing from the makers of Organ. It does sound almost primitive now it does sound like the last century (or at least blovking the bus route when Hackney Wick was still a feral weekend. Now who was that fictitious remixer we invented that EMI and Terrorvision fell for, he was from Sweden, honest vug, it wasn’t us in a back room in Leytonstone making up a whole back story just for a bit of that unlimited supply. has that Dusty kid version gone all Nightrider on us


And here’s the original version which kind of feels less retro and well yes a future messenger. I rather like them all….

Here’s the lazy cut ‘n paste press release details

“Enigmatic Berlin-based electronic producer and DJ MOLLY MILLIONS has announced details of a two-track remix release which sees ‘Vodka Shot’, one of the stand-out tracks from Millions’ debut EP MDLA, get spectacular reworkings by Nicole Moudaber and Dusty Kid.

DJ, producer, event promoter and label head Nicole Moudaber brings her dancefloor might to ‘Vodka Shot’ for a pounding reworking and explains, “I’ve been a huge fan of Molly Millions and everything the project stands for ever since I first heard the raw gritty sound on the MDLA EP.” Well known for her passionate work speaking out against injustice in its many forms, she goes on to say, “They do a fantastic job of interweaving the theme of the personal/political relationship with drugs in music which isn’t something we should shy away from. Taking a stand with artist expression is always something I push for which is why I was honored to have the chance to remix Vodka shot.”

Taking about both Nicole Moudaber and Dusty Kid’s remixes, Molly Millions explained, “Legalization and regulation go hand in hand for a better approach to drugs in society. Harm reduction is more important than ever, in the world and on the dancefloor. Nicole’s remix is a blessing, I was absolutely fuelled by her unflinching support in this project, and Dusty Kid is a legend, I am blessed for his outstanding remix and support.”

Molly Millions is a messenger from tomorrow. Through the four-track debut EP – released on Pill Press Records, a joint venture with Mute, in 2020 – Millions looks to change the way people think about drug policy on tracks like ‘Ketamine Jass’, where she blends Prohibition Era Dixieland with techno and, in the accompanying video invites us to weigh up the choices on how public money is spent.

Molly Millions goes on to say, “Drug legalization helps create a safer and healthier society. Drug prohibition traps developing countries in a cycle of poverty. The war on drugs is costing us millions and billions. Drug legalization is a key to building a better world.”

More details

Where we#re we?


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