ORGAN PREVIEW: The latest Art Car Boot Fair event has been announced, repeat after me…

Organ Preview: The latest Art Car Boot Fair event has just been announced, the unique fair, in all the diffrent forms it takes is always a highlight, an always carefully curated artist-led event that, unlike most art fairs, treats artists in the right way. Actually the Art Car Boot Fair is nothing like any other art fair…

The Art Car Boot Fair Queen and Country edition – 6th – 8th November 2021 – The latest Art Car Boot Fair is happening in November, once again this will be an on-line event (we’re told there will be a return to live events in May 2022). On-line is good, on-line means (almost) everyone can explore it all. There are priority tickets if you want to get in first but there will be a chance for everyone ticket or no ticket, to explore. A ticket get you in for the first 24 hours, the event is free to all from 10am on Sunday 7th. .

“With the world seemingly in disarray and society facing a myriad of challenges to the status quo, the ACBF Queen & Country theme will provoke and inspire all manner of artist responses to the state we are all in with a superabundance of talent working across all mediums. Icons, myths, crowns, multifarious queens, jewels, sceptres, cultural tropes and ironies, processions, pomp, absurdities and punkish subversions will abound.” 

Along with the Queen and Country exploring there will be other things, other pieces, we artists are not obliged to completely follow the theme, I am not currently working on giant portrait of the Queen, I am also not busy ripping of Jamie Reid or those Sex Pistols although I might paint Elen of Wales, it is always a pleasure to be invited to take part in an Art Car Boot Fair event. (sw)

What is the Art Car Boot Fair?

Official site / Ticket details and more (early bird tickers are on sale for a limited time)

Meanwhile, the only good thing those Manic Street Preachers ever did….

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