ORGAN PREVIEW: A taste of the artist known as LUAP, The Pink Bear and his forthcoming West End show The Unconscious Therapy opening next week…

Just happened to be passing  95 New Bond Street, west end of London when we spied a rather familar big pink bear, the artist known as LUAP and his Pink Bear visions or subconscious nightmares, are they nightmares? I don’t know, would I want to be constantly seeing a big pink bear or not? Maybe having a pink bear with you al lthe time is great? A multidisciplinary exhibition in the heart of London. There’s apparently been window installations for a couple of months but now it seems there is to be an exhibition, the artist’s biggest solo show to-date.

“Great Portland Estates plc (GPE) has installed artwork by leading British contemporary artist LUAP in the windows of its retail space on 95 New Bond Street in London” so reads the blurb, but what we actually found were a couple of floors of paintings and pieces and whatever it is inside his head through his mix of paintings, installation and photography. “His adult-size Pink Bear suit follows him up mountains, surreal landscapes, cities and remote spots in far-away places”. The installation entitled Nature and Nurture features LUAP’s “signature motif: The Pink Bear. This life size teddy bear with magenta pink fur is a recurring feature in his work. In this bespoke installation for GPE, LUAP has put an innovative spin on the traditional shop window display, placing the whimsical bear within wild settings, surrounded by flowers, and set within a jungle”.

Paul Robinson, aka LUAP, says: “Art has started to transform the high streets and fill the voids, both visually and emotionally as the world begins to recover. Instead of looking at windows and feeling the FOMO of not having the latest buzz item, art is replenishing us with much needed vitality on the streets. It is helping us to make sense of this new world.”

And now he says “I’m super excited to announce my largest solo show to date is in an expansive three floor unused retail space kindly provided by Great Portland Estates on New Bond Street at 95 New Bond Street.

The Unconscious Therapy – A solo exhibition by LUAP. 13 – 17 October 2021 at 95 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DB. Admission is free.

The exhibition will will span photography, painting, installation, sound, and film. “Life is beautiful but fragile and fast – flowers remind me of this. So we should try to live each moment to the fullest – like being in full bloom.” LUAP

“The focus of this exhibition, The Pink Bear, marks LUAP’s most significant series. The work depicts a pink teddy bear come-to-life and placed in the real world acting as a metaphor for discovery and exploration. The costumed figure – a striking motif – exists between reality and make-believe, youthful innocence, and corruption, leading a lifestyle that looks simultaneously enviable and questionable. Traveling globally, often to extreme environments and scaling mountains or crossing deserts to make images is an essential element of the work”

As always, click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show and get a taste of things to come

2 thoughts on “ORGAN PREVIEW: A taste of the artist known as LUAP, The Pink Bear and his forthcoming West End show The Unconscious Therapy opening next week…

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