ORGAN THING: The artist line up for the next Art Car Boot Fair event has just been announced, “Good gosh here they all are, the jewels in the ACBF Queen and Country edition” happening in early November…

The full artist line up for the next Art Car Boot Fair event has just been announced, “Good gosh here they all are, the jewels in the ACBF Queen and Country edition happening online November 6th until 8th” said a spokesperson.  Tickets are on sale now, you need a ticket to get on the site for the first 24 hours and first pickings of all those limited editions and one off paintings and pieces, once the first 24 hours are up the fair is free to enter for everyone. Once again it all happens on line (we’re told to expect the next physical fair in May of next year). New works tend to get added as the fair evolves, prices are boot fair friendly, get yourself an original painting for less than the price of a ticket to go to Frieze, hell, you’ll can probably get an original limited edition print from someone like Pure Evil or Emma Harvey or Julia Maddison for less than the price of a coffee at Frieze. And yes we do miss all the fun of the physical fair but what you lose on the swing you gain on the roundabouts, you can go to the online fair wherever you are in the world.

Do click on an image to enlarge and see the names or run the slide show/

The Art Car Boot Fair is unique, something special, a slightly anarchic artist-led event and as we’ve said before, unlike nearly all the other fairs, an event that for once treats the artists right. None of us artists pay to take part, no arm and a leg thousands of pounds demanded of the artists for a pitch like some of the Other art fairs, not that it is anything anywhere near like any of the other art fairs. The ACBF is a carefully curated unique event, artists are invited, Karen Ashton and her team are very picky, it is an honour to be one of the invited artists and when you buy a ticket or a piece of art you really are supporting the artists directly. We artists love it, hopefully you visitors, viewers and collectors do as well.

More details from the official website

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, Kings Cross, London, June 2019 –

Here’s a piece from the official website written back before the first online version last year


The first Art Car Boot Fair was held in London in 2004 with a line-up of around 30 artists including Gavin Turk, Abigail Lane, Mat Collishaw, Fiona Banner and Bob & Roberta Smith. The ACBF has been held every year since, except for 2005, and it currently takes place twice a year and features an invited line-up of 150 artists with Turner Prize winners pitching next to rising stars, fine artists next to street artists and everything in between. The art is exclusively commissioned for the event and presented at fabulously reduced, just-for-the-day prices by the artist in person.

The main aim of the Art Car Boot Fair is to be a day when the artists let their hair down and for visitors to engage with art and the artists in an informal way, and to pick up some real art bargains to boot. The Art Car Boot Fair is an exciting and energised one-day event, widely regarded as the most democratic and fun way to buy art.

Founded and produced by Karen Ashton, a curator and independent art consultant and writer, and originally produced with Helen Hayward, the ideas behind the Art Car Boot Fair developed out of Joshua Compston’s ‘Fete Worse than Death’ and Gavin Turk’s ‘Livestock Market’ and ‘Articultural Shows’, Hoxton-based events that blazed a trail in the late 90s. The first Art Car Boot Fair picked up where they left off with the intention of re-introducing some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene.

This year the organisers of the Art Car Boot Fair have risen to the challenges posed by the global pandemic by developing an online version of their famously exuberant one-day event, bringing the anarchic spirit of the ACBF to digital life. The first Viral Art Car Boot Fair will take place on Sunday 4th October 2020. It will act both as a “lockdown” iteration in response to the Covid-19 crisis and also as our digital counterpart for all our future events, keeping the artist at the centre and extending our event to a new global audience. 

The full line up for the November 2021 edition

Art Car Boot Fair, Summer 2018

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