ORGAN THING: Another slice of classic synth pop from Brooklyn’s Nation of Language…

Organ Thing of the Day, Nation of Language have just posted another track from their very soon to be released new album, this, as we’re sure you will agree, is classic synth pop, they sound like they should be on Top of The Pops in 1981. And really that’s all you need from us, the video is just here, see and hear for yourself…

“Brooklyn’s Nation of Language consider the absurdity of unfettered capitalism and the self-interests of giant corporations as well as the mega-rich in their new single and video, ‘The Grey Commute’. The trio also announces a worldwide deal with [PIAS], to release their highly anticipated second album A Way Forward on 5th November via Play It Again Sam”

“Discussing ‘The Grey Commute’ songwriter/vocalist Ian Devaney said, “In some ways ‘The Grey Commute’ is one of the more upbeat songs of the record, but in truth it’s one that was born out of much more depressing stuff. As I was working on the lyrics I had a kind of fixation on terrible tax policies, our cultural addiction to meaningless consumption, and it all got swept together into this punchy, kind of fun track.”

He explains further, “To give a sense of time: the Republican tax plan, under which we’re currently living, was just being passed and it was pretty clear just how mind-bindingly stupid it was. Such deep cuts to the taxes of the hyper-wealthy and corporations were both shocking and not shocking at all, and it was difficult to comprehend that anyone thought it wouldn’t lead to the exacerbation of the inequality and instability that defines our time. But here we are. You can see everything I felt then pretty clearly represented on the page when absent any backbeat and melody, but the rant gets dressed up a bit with some bounciness on the final cut to help serve as a bit of a Trojan horse to hopefully get the sentiment across.”

The video’s overt absurdity serves a similar purpose in trying to compliment the absurdity of the subject matter. We turned the task of hitting that particular note over to our friend Gary Canino, who has been churning out amazing videos for his own musical project (Dark Tea) for some time. We’d been devouring his work over the past year, and Aidan actually ended up in the video for his song ‘Buying A Gun’. He’s able to use humour in a way that has thus far eluded me when it comes to making our own videos, and this really felt like the right song to bring some of that energy too.”

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