ORGAN THING: Sissi Rada’s rather intriguing new single, a Brian Eno production…

Organ Thing of The Day – for that is what we try to do each day, bring you a thing, today’s rather beautiful thing – “Today Toy Tonics records’ new offshoot imprint Kryptox share the latest single from by Athenian harpist, singer, electronic alchemist and star-in-waiting Sissi Rada, produced by none other than Brian Eno. ‘81948 (2000 OM69)’ is an uncanny, ghostly and Coil-esque step into an intriguing, hauntological strange space”.

Some vut #n paste background for we have places to be today….

“The single is taken from Sissi Rada’s forthcoming album ‘Nanodiamond’ on November 16th, which also features co-production by Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars, with guest vocals from cult Greek heroine Lena Platonos.   Abstract and experimental but not difficult, instead the record is a friendly good trip, like a strange but pleasant dream, or an endorphin-fuelled flight through the cosmos. This treasure trove of glowing Aegean beauty entices listeners to luxuriate in its balmy gorgeousness, where rich vocals reverberate inside sparkling, jewel-encrusted grottos of sound.   Although standout and singular, Rada’s unclassifiable leftfield songs bring to mind the likes of Kate Bush, Van Dyke Parks, ‘Kid A’ era Radiohead, Katie Gately and Georgia’s ‘All Kind Music’.  Atmospherically, there’s a kinship with Coil, Karen Gwyer and Deux Filles, whilst her magical harp draws contemporary links to Mary Lattimore and Brandee Younger, plus historical nods to Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane.    In addition to making weird-and-wonderful works such as this, Sissi is also one of the best classical harpists in Europe. She is a member of the New York Times endorsed Teodor Currentzis’ musicAeterna orchestra, and frequently collaborates with the Berlin Philharmonic and the Deutsche Oper Berlin”.

“Brian Eno doesn’t appear a lot. So this production is special. He worked on this song of greek harpist, singer and electronic producer Sissi Rada. Originally from Greece Sissi Rada lives in Berlin since a few years and switches between the classical world (she plays in orchestras) and Berlins underground electronic scene. Her demos have been played to brain Eno by special circumstances and Eno loved her music. And wrote on this song with her. This atmospheric almost classical piece of music is part of Sissi Rada’s debut album. To be released on Kryptox reocrds from Berlin. The sublabel of Toy Tonics”

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