ORGAN THING: Brexit reduces Van Der Graaf Generator to a two piece…

Organ Thing of The Day – Some unofficial footage of the mighty Van Der Graaf Generator performing ’Man-Erg’ at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, 24th October, 2021, it is a beautiful version but where was drummer Guy Evans?

What was happening here?

Peter Hammill@Sofa_sound· Ok here we go. I’m in Helsinki having just done a vdgg show unlike any other. Yes, it’s Brexit related. Now that we’re on the outside the expiry date of our passports has become 10 years from the date of issue rather than the expiry on the document. If the date of issue is more

Peter Hammill@Sofa_sound· And indeed to Sweden where we hope guy will be able to rejoin us with a new emergency passport. Why isn’t this problem loudly trumpeted by the government? (The info is there quietly buried on official websites, we find.) I guess because it’s yet another thing they’ve cocked up

Peter Hammill@Sofa_sound· And they hope we won’t notice or care. Well here I am. I notice. I care. What a pathetic shower this lot are.

Mr Hammill has posted a couple of days previously he has psoted about Brexit and this dreadful UK goverment rather a lot, he, pretty much every timne, spot on….

Peter Hammill@Sofa_sound· – Now, I’m not trying to pick a fight but can anyone yet point to a SINGLE positive benefit to uk citizens as a result of Brexit?

So there you have it, a rather unique version of Man Erg, but then every version they ever perform is unique.

Latest news on the European tour that goes on, hopefully with Guy Evens in Sweden and Norway in this final week of October, it then starts up again in the UK in February

And here’s some more, “VDGG-duo at Savoy Theatre Finland 24.10.2021. Peter Hammill & Hugh Banton”

And we should say the first piece of footage was posted by someone from the band Lord Vicar, it would be rude not to say thanks…

And well…

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