ORGAN THING: Last weekend’s on-line edition of the Art Car Boot Fair has now been extended until this Friday with new work added and our pick of what’s left waiting for you…

Last weekend’s on-line Queen and Country edition of the Art Car Boot Fair, originally set to be a weekend event, has now been expanded until the end of the week, well, end of play on Friday. The slightly anarchic artist-led fair has been around in one form or another since 2005 (we’re told we can expect a first post-pandemic physical event in late Spring of 2022). The Art Car Boot Fair is rather unique, it is mostly about that day out exploring the boots of the invited artists, that and all the people watching and the rest of it but these on-line versions have managed to carry some of that spirit of the physical affairs. The fair is about finding a bargain, about dealing directly with the artists, they ate always carefully curated events (most art fairs will just let in any artist willing to pay the outrageous arm and several legs the organisers demand, The Art Car Boot Fair charges the invited artists nothing, unique you see, artists treated right for once).

And there are something like 200 artists and galleries taking part in the current on line event – a fair that began life in an East London car park, the fair has always had a reputation for finding new exciting artists to line up next to the names, indeed we’ve discovered quite a few this week that we didn’t know about before hand. Looks like lots of art has already been sold, ticket holders were allowed in first before the fair became a free to entre event after the first 24 hours, lots has sold, there are still treasures (and bargains) to be had though, most of the long list of artists still have work exclusive the the fair available – prints, paintings, limited editions and more all waiting to be snapped up at boot fair prices before it all closes on Friday evening.

We’ve just taken a look at what still is available and gathered together a pick of what we found (you’ll find a direct link at the foot of each image), really though you should go explore for yourself, you never know who or what you might find (and what with Christmas coming up), and yes I will, as always, declare an interest, I am once more one of the invited participating artists, I do have work on sale… oh and we’re told ot explect lots of fina lday price drops as well, you have until Friday evening to get all your turning of the season Christmas type shopping done  (sw)

Art Car Boot Fair

Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show, link at the foot of each image that will take you to each artist

2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Last weekend’s on-line edition of the Art Car Boot Fair has now been extended until this Friday with new work added and our pick of what’s left waiting for you…

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