ORGAN THING: Robert Fripp says King Crimson have ‘moved from sound to silence’ following their final Japanese tour date in Tokyo last night…

Robert Fripp says King Crimson have ‘moved from sound to silence’ following their final Japanese tour date in Tokyo last night (8th December).

Sharing a series of photos from the second of two shows at Bunkarmura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Robert Fripp almost cryptically suggested the end of the legendary progressive rock band.

 Fripp wrote “Onstage at 18.40, doors held for ten minutes to allow the audience to enter. A full house. The first set: one hour and three minutes. Overall length: two hours and twenty-four minutes.  King Crimson’s final note of Starless, the last note of this Completion Tour in Japan, moved from sound to silence at 21.04.”

King Crimson also shared Fripp’s words on their own social channels and wrote: “A significant moment in time as King Crimson ‘moved from sound to silence’ today in Japan.”

Robert Fripp’s post was followed by King Crimson bassist Tony Levin posting a rather personal blog post written prior to the gig in Tokyo, the piece is titled ‘In The Company of Ghosts.’

Levin writes “This tour has been announced as the band’s last tour of Japan, but it is likely King Crimson’s final tour. And it seems to be populated by the ghosts of players, living and dead, who have informed the band’s music through the 52 years of its existence. For me, 40 years in this band, there is also the ghost of my former self, so different, so much the same. And there are the bassists who came before me, creating iconic parts that I would engage with through these many years. They are here too.”

He goes on to say “As I contemplate tonight’s final show, I take a deep breath and acknowledge the two sides of this mysterious musical experience; the music itself will challenge and inspire me, lead me again to feel that this is what I was born to do. But with the final rendition of each piece, my heart will weigh heavy, knowing it’s the end of something I have loved. Something I cherish. And the ethereal figures who have re-visited me these last weeks – I feel exceedingly grateful to them all, and I ask them for one last favour; to remain with me, to help me finish this last show. I will go onstage in the company of ghosts.”

Levin had previously said in an interview earlier this year during King Crimson’s North American tour over the summer was likely to be their last. “There are no plans for touring next year, we have not been told we won’t tour next year, but I think it’s quite possible. I keep telling my friends who want to see the band, ‘You don’t want to miss this tour because it could be the last time we travel across the U.S.'”

King Crimson last played the UK in June 2019 when they performed three sold-out shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall.We didn’t get to see them, the ticket prices left a rather bad taste, as they did when the band played a gig in a our street that time. sad to see something rather special come to an end, they did consistantly make fine fine music, what a fine body of music they leave.

As Peter Hammill put it on his own Twitter feed, a time comes….

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