ORGAN THING: And we’re off, a first exciting enticing taste of the new Cheer Accident album Here Comes The Sunset…

So you know Cheer Accident are going to be progressively rewarding, that’s a given, you know the Chicago band are going to be good, but you never ever quite know what they’re going to do next. Somehow they always sound like themselves, they sound like no one else, somehow they keep on doing it, is it twenty two albums a now? This first taste is excellent, cut to the chase, hit the play button and get a first exciting taste of Here Comes The Sunset, hang on, they say 24th albums, we’ve lost count, it has been some time since that first one landed here…


The new album is out on February 18th, no doubt we’ll be playing lots of it on the Other Rock Show once we get out mits on something we can play. Does that first taste feel a bit David Bowie-ish? Your dancing matchersa your what? Brilliant (again). A nod to Filet Of Nod maybe?

Here’s what the label posted on their Bandcamp page…

“In the end, this album does not reach the heights of “Introducing Lemon” or “Fear Draws Misfortune”, but for anyone who already likes the band, it is worth picking up, and you can’t really go wrong owning this album – although I would still recommend “Fear Draws Misfortune” as the starting point if you are looking to get into this Chicago-based band”. – The GAZZARDIAN (writing about the 2006 album “What Sequel?” over at Prog Archives)

In the sixteen years that have passed since the review above, Cheer-Accident have put off death, then faded out, and now… “Here Comes The Sunset”- ?!? When will all of this ending end, you ask? Well, Cheer-Accident’s unending series of endings comes to a close (yet again) with their 24th album – brand new for 2022 – on Friday, February 18th.

What gives? – Peeking through the earglass, it sounds like we’ve got some cutup / schismatic Plastic R&B, something vaguely resembling Eurodance, a coupla minutes of Prog, a dash of melancholia, and a would-be (you know, right up until the “middle section”) faithful rendition of a famous song by their fellow (but less drably attired) Midwestern rock band, Cheap Trick.

Join us for a gloriously dismal time as Cheer-Accident’s constitution collapses upon itself once again. You CAN go wrong listening to this. You can go exactly this wrong”.

Bandcamp / ordering details

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