ORGAN THING: A first taste of the new Guerilla Toss album and that time they ripped up Bat Out of Hell and then crashed from the sky and…

Organ Thing of The Day; Fress Tosh, “Cannibal Capital” by the ever rewarding Guerilla Toss from their upcoming album ‘Famously Alive‘, out March 25th on Sub Pop Records. The new York band are a little more polite these days, a little more clean cut, they do still have the ablity to thrill though, they make for a more than fine Thing of The Day on this fine bright winter day. When are they going to release their fersion of Bat Our Of Hell though? They did a brilliant version, scroll down of you don’t believe us. We look forward to the new album, their sound might be a little wrong side of Duke now when they were once Selling New York by The Pound, still sounding good though, well this first taste does. More when we have it, if we like it, we know what we like, we’re lawnmowers, we’d never dream of cutting cherry trees down…. More via Bandcamp. Does that opening riff sound like something Stardust period David Essex? What d’ya mean, he was class back then.

Roll on up, won’t you come take a look at me….

We’re gonna hit the highway like a….

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