ORGAN PREVIEW: The always excellent Art on a Postcard is back for International Women’s Day. The latest auction opens on February 24th…

Art on a Postcard, International Women’s Day, 2022

Art on a Postcard is back for International Women’s Day. The latest auction opens on February 24th and runs until March 15th, which does of course take in Women’s Day.

“Art on a Postcard is proud to present the third edition of its International Woman’s Day Auction, featuring work by leading established and emerging female identifying talent. Over 200 artists have created mini postcard sized masterpieces to be auctioned, with bidding starting at just £50, to raise proceeds to continue The Hepatitis C Trusts vital work in women’s prisons”.

As we said in our pick of 2021’s Art Things, Art on a Postcard are always a source of exciting artists both new and established, we recommend you follow their excellent Instagram feed for a healthy daily dose of what they have to offer. You can find previous coverage of their busy auctions here via Organ.

“This year’s Art on a Postcard (AoaP) International Women’s Day Auction has a stellar line up of female identifying talent and it being our third we can safely say it’s an annual event now.  We are delighted to announce this auction will once again be hosted with Dreweatts

This year’s line-up features the work of highly collectable female identifying artists ranging from emerging new graduates to world-renowned artists. The 2022 participants include Charmaine Watkiss, whose work is concerned with what she calls ‘memory stories’. She creates stories primarily through research connected to the African Caribbean diaspora, and then maps the stories onto life sized figures. New York based artist Philemona Williamson joins the line-up, her work explores the tenuous bridge between adolescence and adulthood, along with Brooklyn based Louise Lawler aiming to raise questions about the production, circulation, and presentation of art through her creations.

They will be shown alongside pieces from Sarah Ortmeyer, Allison Katz, Lara Schnitger, Penny Goring, Florence Peake and Emma Cousin for this edition.

Emerging voices will also feature offering the opportunity to spot fresh talents, such as New Contemporary 2021 Shannon Bono who is invested in producing layered, figurative, compositions that centralise black womanhood as a source of knowledge and understanding and recent graduate Anna Choutova known for painting that focuses on food as a central theme. Also, Amanda Ba who has achieved quick success with her erotic red female figures, and depictions of animals exploring interspecies relations, queerness and cultural identity. Original creations will also be available by Bunmi Agusto, Mandy Franca and Victoria Cantons among others.

As well these exciting additions, Art on a Postcard is delighted to welcome back expressionistic American artist Katherine Bernhardt and Royal Academicians Vanessa Jackson, Mali Morris and Anne Desmet.

The AoaP women’s auctions focus on the work The Hepatitis C Trust does in women’s prisons. In 2022 The Trust will be expanding their women’s hepatitis C work beyond the prison walls into probation services and women’s centres, the money from this auction will help achieve this goal. It is The Hepatitis C Trust’s belief that many of the women incarcerated in the UK are there because of addiction and mental health problems and need help, not locking up.

More details

Here’s a flavour or two….

“Art on a Podcast is back! In the first episode of our ninth series, we welcome new guest host Mollie Barnes (She Curates) and our podcast partner Go with Yamo. This series will be focussing on artists from our upcoming International Women’s Day Auction”.

Philemona Williamson discusses the role art has had in her life, her inspirations, and the cards she has sent into auction.

“Learn a little more about internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Louise Lawler in our artist spotlight video. Louise has contributed two cards to our IWD Auction this year – bidding starts at £50 per card”. 

The Cause 💗
“This auction will support The Trust’s vital work in women’s prisons, as well as their 2022 plans to expand their women’s hepatitis C work beyond the prison walls into probation services and women’s centres.

“Our prison work gives us the unique opportunity to engage hard to reach women. When these women take control of their health, often when they’ve not been in control of anything, there is a considerable knock-on effect. Accessing treatment changes their lives and can be the catalyst to getting clean and sober and into more manageable ways of life. Art on a Postcard shows these women that they are valued and cared about.” Julia Sheehan, National Female Prisons Coordinator

Read more about the work the Trust does in our interview with Julia

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