ORGAN THING: Tenderhost share their impressive debut single and announce a free entry London headline show…

Organ Thing of The Day for we do like to start the day with a thing of the day and Tenderhost are sounding rather inviting here, they have us curious and wanting al little more. This, we’re told, is their debut single, you never quite know what a “debut single” means these days but they have just posted this track, they are making their first moves (and they did jsut announce details of a free gig in London in late March). Apparently this is “their much anticipated debut single”, anticipated by who isn;t clear but I do like the way they creep along those dark stairs and they do swing it rather well. Tenderhost promise lots, we await more…

Visuals by Oscar Barany

Here’s the press release and all the hype for those who need to know more

“Today, North London sextet Tenderhost reveal their much anticipated debut single ‘The Descent’.

Formed in 2021 by songwriter/composer Gabriel Levy, he guides his new ensemble – made up of: Tara Cunningham (guitar), Jonny Wickham (bass), Nat Philipps (saxophone), Nathan Ridley (drums), and Alex Parry (keys) – through a highly authored exploration in tension, confession and chronic unease. As composer and band leader, he drifts freely between the sonorous and the eerie, his songs delighting in their narrative unpredictability.

Blending elements of post-rock and no-wave into a simmer of discontent; the dynamic interplay in constant, thrilling flux. Led by a distinctly menacing voice which is underscored by ethereal backing vocals, Levy’s tales merge the blues with a classical jazz sensibility. This is music born in the twilight hours, trapped between The Heart of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at the Village Vanguard. 

‘The Descent’ sees Levy operating within this liminal space, unsure of the time of day and struggling to go outside to confirm it. Written in 2019, “a difficult year for [his] mental health”, he started to become “afraid of leaving the house and stopped getting public transport in order to avoid large groups of people.” The song captures his experiences during this time – spending his days “peeking through the blinds” frozen at “the end of the drive”.

In addition to the new single, Tenderhost have also announced a new London headline date on 24th March at the Sebright Arms, entry is free, more details here


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