ORGAN THING: Art As Catharsis, a whole load of tasty experimental prog rock and a whole lot more via their latest sampler album…

Art As Catharsis say they are “a humble Australian record label with a love for music that is progressive, psychedelic, or different”. For more than a decade Art As Catharsis have strived to bring you the best music from the Australian underground and beyond. “Our love of music that is experimental, progressive or cathartic is on full display with our 2021 Label Sampler”. The sampler has just been released (Feb 1st 2022), it is laced with some very tasty earfood for those of you who like forward looking experimental progressive rock. A number of tracks have featured as part of recent Other Rock Show broadcasts, the compilation is avaiable as a pay what you like download via Bandcamp. We don’t need to pick out tracks do we? Go check it out here


And here is last week’s Other Rock Show, you can hear all previous shows via Mixcloud. The show goes out every Sunday evening at 9pm UK time, 104.4FM here in London and worldwide on-line via Resonance FM



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