ORGAN THING: New Psychic Graveyard, new USA Nails, a split from SkinGraft and hear an exclusive track from the new Cheer Accident album premiered on this weekend’s Other Rock Show on during ResonanceFM fundraising week…

Where were we? oh the joy of it all, where? Stuff? Crash bang wallop and on it all goes. “Today we are announcing a new split LP from Psychic Graveyard and USA Nails. The album’s release will coincide with Psychic Graveyard’s tour of the UK supporting METZ on April 1st”. So a SkinGraft spokesperson tells us. A tour you say? Hang on, the music, let’s turn off this slice of Raven and check out these new slices of music, we do rather like both bands, haven’t heard anything new from USA Nails for ages, the Graveyard (as no one ever calls them), have been reather busy and they’re sounding as caustic and barbed as ever here, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, we all did, we didn;t get where we are today without enjoying it, ask CJ and pass thr Sunshine Desert. That USA Nails slice is all in the context, my mnails are pink today but that’s only sprat paint, bring on more, no not More, bring on more, although we do like More as much as we like Raven. The first Cheer Accident album was on Raven’s first label, that was neat, it was back in the last century, we reviewed that one when it came out as well, not as good as the latest Cheer Accident album though.


United you say, messing with my head at the moment! United! More from SkinGraft…

“The “in-name only” United States and Kingdom’s divisions are more raw and splintered than ever before. And it’s from this place of division that the USA’s PSYCHIC GRAVEYARD and SKiN GRAFT Records have joined with the UK’s USA NAILS and BOX Records to form “Split”.

Having been remixed by the likes of MSTRKRFT and LIARS, Psychic Graveyard are no strangers to collaboration. Here they determinedly ease layer upon cacophonous layer to their methodically set stage before burning it to the ground.

The cuts served up by slabby noise-rock /angular post-punk /dissonant no-wave cognoscenti USA Nails feature notes that work, notes that don’t work, wonky ping-pong guitars and shitty solos while musing over clinically medicated anxiety, internet commentators and Orwellian data practices. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, drummer Tom Brewins broke his arm just before the band recorded.

He got better, but maybe the rest of us won’t”.

So anyway, that’s the April 1st news, no fools here, we won’t get fooled again

4.1.22 Leicester, UK at 02 Academy Leicester
4.2.22 Blackpool, UK at Bootleg Social
4.3.22 Manchester, UK at Yes
4.4.22 Newcastle Upton Tyne at Cluny
4.6.22 Glasgow, Scotland, at Stereo
4.7.22 Leeds, UK at Brudenell Social Club
4.8.22 Bristol, UK at Thekla
4.9.22 Brighton, UK at Green Door Store
4.10.22 London, UK at Scala

Arrghhh, the Scala, will they ever sort the sound out in is than venue? And will these Americans ever learn that the day comes before the month? 10th of April, Scala, Kings Cross…

Meanwhile, “Cheer-Accident’s airy “Maison de Velours Écureuil”, (the new single off of their upcoming album “Here Comes The Sunset”), is a warm and fuzzy scamp across a red-velvet-smothered space age bachelorette pad. Serve toasted or chilled; it works in all kinds of weather. – – – Features Julie Pomerleau (Monica BouBou of Bobby Conn) on violin & viola. The song is now streaming at Bandcamp.”


We did review the Cheer Accident album already, and and and….

And if you listen to the Other Rock Show this coming Sunday, 9pm UK time, 104.4FM on proper radio all over London, on line worldwide via the besr radio station in the world at you will hear an exclusively revealed not heard anywhere yet track from the new Cheer Accident album that’s out on – here’s the review for what it is all worth – ORGAN THING: Cheer Accident’s new album – oh look, if you already know then you know, if you don’t then you really should. Here Comes The Sunset cranks up the prog and a whole lot more (again). The album is out on April 18th….

Marina Organ presents an hour of music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop. This week: an exclusive track from the forthcoming Cheer Accident album ‘Here Comes the Sunset’, plus music from black midi, 5UUS, a-tota-so, Nnamdi, Van Der Graaf Generator, Tryon and more. Support Marina’s Fundraiser for Resonance via Facebook. Follow the playlist on Twitter @OtherRockShow. Visit for more information. [Repeats Thursday 8am.]

Here’s last weekend’s Other Rock Show, just one of the many things we do here at Organ where today we’re putting Book together, Book will open on February 22nd.

Listen to lots of previous shows via Mixcloud, here;s last week’s, this coming week’s will be uo on Mixcloud after the show has happened, catch live via those links up there…

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