ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – Tess Jaray at Karsten Schubert, Stolen Moments, Vivid Dreams at David Kovats Gallery, Contemporary Welsh Art at London Welsh Centre, you Don’t own Me at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, Lydia Chan at Now Gallery, Book and…

Eloise Govier

What have we learn’t this week? never trust an artist? Nah, we knew that anyway, never trust a clown? Maybe? Five more art things. five art things, five more art things happening somewhere around right now or any moment now. Five art shows to check out in the coming days. An (almost) weekly round up of recommended art events. Five shows, exhibitions or things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London things for that is where we currently operate and explore, and like we said last time, these five recommendations come with no claims that they are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those annoying art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top seven things” or the “best things this weekend”, no, this is simply a regular list of five or so art recommended things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do.

Five art things happening now and coming up in the next few days in no particular order, just five art things happening around about now

Tess Jaray

1: Tess Jaray – New Paintings – Karsten Schubert London – 17th Feb – 25th Mar 2022 – “Karsten Schubert London presents Tess Jaray: New Paintings, a focused solo exhibition of paintings from the artist’s Solitude series! Now this looks like a genuinely exciting show of paintings. “Seen here together for the first time, they show the visual force of Jaray’s intuitive handling of colour and form. These paintings are an exemplar of the abiding allure of Jaray’s work: condensing a multitude of information and visual influences into utterly reduced and concise forms. Refreshingly vibrant, Solitude IV, Solitude V and Solitude VI (all 2021), feature symmetrical planes of colour set around a prominent central line, creating a sense of optical flux in their respective colourways. These paintings, as is typical in Jaray’s work, at first appear precise and controlled, yet on further viewing alter and shift, engaging the viewer and inviting their participation.

Recognised as one of British art’s pioneers of abstract painting, Jaray developed a distinctive style early in her career that gained  critical acclaim among the art world and her contemporaries. First inspired as a student during the 1950s by a trip to Italy, Renaissance painting and architecture remained an enduring influence leading to ambitious paintings and innovative commissions for public artworks of a monumental scale; notably the Victoria Station Concourse and Centenary Square in Birmingham. Although her practice stems from the austere tenets that define geometric minimalist painting, it possesses a playful quality that breaks from the cool objectivity commonly characterised by this genre.

It is through an innate understanding of how space is occupied in the physical world that Jaray is able to investigate notions of perspective, depth, and three-dimensionality on the canvas. Moreover, it is this ability to evoke a physical sense of space that belies the absolute flatness of the painting’s surface that has contributed to the longevity of Jaray’s celebrated career and afforded her a singular place among her peers. Opening in February 2022, this is the first solo presentation of Jaray’s new work since Return to Vienna: The Paintings of Tess Jaray at Secession, Vienna in 2021, an exhibition which recognised her family origins, having fled Nazi-occupied Austria for London in 1938.  Tess Jaray: New Paintings at Karsten Schubert London will be accompanied by a catalogue with essay by Wells Fray-Smith.

Karsten Schubert London is at Room 2, 44 Lexington Street, London, W1F 0LW. The gallery is open Tuesday through to Sunday, 10am to 6pm, entry is free

Stolen Moments, VividDreams at David Kovats Gallery

2: Stolen Moments, Vivid Dreams at David Kovats Gallery – 18th Feb until 31sr Mar 2022 with an opening evening on 18th Feb (6 until 8pm) –  “David Kovats Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of ‘Stolen Moments, Vivid Dreams’ a group show curated by Jane Neal, bringing together three young women painters from Cluj, Romania: Oana Farcas, Ioana Iacob and Tincuta Marin. In addition to examining the distinctive styles and subject matter of Farcas, Iacob and Marin – all of whom share a fascination for the interior world of the mind’s eye; the link between the visual and the perceived; and the power of the imagination – ‘Stolen Moments, Vivid Dreams’ challenges the imbalance between the international attention that has been paid to these artists and their male peers. The male painters who trained in Cluj and went on to be described as: ‘The Cluj School’ – artists such as Adrian Ghenie, Victor Man, Marius Bercea, Serban Savu and Mircea Suciu – have received widespread international acclaim, yet comparatively little attention has been afforded to their female colleagues.

This exhibition therefore aims to provide a much-deserved platform for the work of these three talented artists in London and highlight the disparity between male and female artists on the international stage. Despite the efforts of Feminism and widespread socio-political changes, women across Europe continue to be under-represented in many fields – and contemporary art is no exception. Indeed, though significantly more women than men enter art school within Europe, only a fraction of women continue to actively practice as artists beyond the age of 30. This is undoubtedly concerning, nonetheless a number of these artists who do persevere are responsible for breaking new ground and contributing to the pioneering movements of our time.  Historically, women – though fewer in number than men – have proved themselves key figures in the avant-garde movements of the 20th Century and this continues to be true for the 21st Century.

‘Stolen Moments, Vivid Dreams’ highlights the talent of three women who should already have come to world attention. It is the first in a series of exhibitions originated by David Kovats and Jane Neal with the aim of presenting exemplary talent from the increasingly exciting Central and Eastern European contemporary art scene.

David Kovats Gallery is at 80 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9NG. The gallery is open Tuesday through to Sunday, 10am until 7pm (Midday until 6pm on Sunday), entry is free

3: Exhibition of Contemporary Welsh Art at London Welsh Centre – 19th/20th Feb (with an opening on Friday 18th, 6pm to 8pm) – Exhibition of Contemporary Welsh Art is the name of an art event happening at the London Welsh Centre as part of Wales Week London,  The exhibition is something that has happened at the Centre as part of Wales Week London for a number of years now. The show features invited contemporary artists currently based in Wales or originally from Wales. Including Katherine Jones, Jonathan Retallick, Francine Davies, Ray Burnell, Sarah Jane Brown , Scream Print Design, Eloise Govier, Needle Rock, Lee John Phillips, Ceini Spiller, John Stout, John Edward Davies, Sean Worrall and quite a few more. Expect a cross section of painters, sculptors, designers, print makers and more. All work will be on sale and there to take away on the day. 

London Welsh Centre is at 157-163 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8UE. The event happens over two days, Saturday and Sunday 19th/20th Feb, 10am until 5pm. Booking it time slot might still be required, do it via the London Welsh Centre website although we’re told they’re not going to be too strict. Entry is free

you Don’t own Me

4: you Don’t own Me at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes – 23rd Feb 2022, 4pm until 1.30am – you Don’t own Me, is a pop-up exhibition “investigating space and safety when it comes to the body. The venue for this pop-up event is “Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes”, a bar located in Shoreditch”. Performance will happen at 8pm, a DJ at from 8.30pm.

“In a modern day context as well as considering politically and socially established standards of society, bar is the most suitable location to bring up conversations about toxic masculinity, patriarchy and misogyny; since this is the place where a lot of people have to deal with it daily without any protection. “you Don’t own Me” will present a variety of artists coming together to share their perspective of bodily freedom and the social stigmas of a night out, by challenging the settled “dance floor” patriarchy.

The exhibition will be divided into two sections: ground floor and a basement. Ground floor will be an area for networking between invited organisations as well as guests and viewers of the exhibition. In this space, they will also become viewers and participants to a 20-minutes performance of AV creative, a team of amazing “frame up strip” (FUS) dancers, brought together by Anastasia Vlasova, a UK-based dancer, choreographer, and creative director. Grace Campbell, a London based DJ and musician, will be in charge of a DJ mixer.

The basement will become an actual exhibition space where artworks will take up the whole space including walls, ceiling, an old fireplace, and a bathroom. The artists presented there will be Coco WA, a London based artist. Her multi-media practise explores on feminist ideas such as The Male Gaze, the performativity of the feminine and how damaging this is to girls and women;  Naïstini Valaydon, a Mauritian visual artist and photographer, currently based in London. Her deep interest for the human mind and body makes the core of her work where she explores intimacy under different lights through pictures, sculptures and words; Jodie K Maxwell, UK-based artist. She is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on soft sculpture, embroidery and clay. Jodie’s works attempt to investigate a sexually ambiguous identity which may come across in the structures she makes with fabric or clay that resemble female and male genitalia. Leading to the basement, the staircase will be a space for art prints by a UK-based artist, Titty Riot. She is an illustrator, print and product maker. The body of her work is meant for women by women celebrating women.  Coming together for this exhibition, we believe that every individual should be empowered to claim their bodily autonomy.

Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes is at 32-36 Kingsland Rd, London, E2 8DA. Entry is free

Lydia ChanYour Ship Has Landed

5: Lydia Chan‘s long running gloriously colourful Your Ship Has Landed exhibition at Now Gallery has been brightening up a very dour London winter, the show is  is coming to an end soon though  “Imagining an alien world with colourful creations it’s a welcoming installation that gains even more life with surreal interactions once it’s viewed through augmented reality filters”. More details here including a virtual view.

Now Gallery is at The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0SQ. The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm. Your Ship Has Landed runs until 6th March.

And while we’re here, coming up next Tuesday and hosted here on this very website, the latest in an ongoing series of on-line art exhbitions from Cultivate. February’s show is called Book, it will be here on this website from Thuesday 22nd February…

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