ORGAN THING: Leya Announce a new mixtape, Eyeline, it comes out in early March via NNA Tapes, here’s a taste…

Organ Thing of The Day – New York’s always rewarding Leya have announced a new mixtape, Eyeline, Out early March via NNA Tapes, here’s a taste. The hype is underneath the fine fine video

The Mix Tape, which is something I though you made on a TDK C-90 to impress someone, not something a record label released, features collaborations With Julie Byrne, Okay Kaya, Eartheater, Actress, claire rousay, Deli Girls, James K, Sunk Heaven & Martha Skye Murphy. We’ll digest the whole thing and let you know if it impressed us in a day or two, we expect it will

The press release

LEYA today announced Eyeline, a new mixtape project featuring collaborations with Julie Byrne, Okay Kaya, Eartheater, Actress, claire rousay, Deli Girls, James K, Sunk Heaven and Martha Skye Murphy, which will be released on March 4th, 2022 via NNA Tapes. Of Eyeline, the NYC duo shared the following statement:

“Eyeline is a mixtape we started in mid-November while on tour. It is not our new record. We recorded it mostly at home and asked friends to contribute. It is of the origin of sight, like seeing the one who is watching, an imperfect parade for charmed constellations.”

The announcement coincides with the release of “Win Some (feat. Okay Kaya)”, a beautiful, winding track that traces somber beginnings to a swirling, transcendent finish. The song is anchored by a gorgeous-yet-stark, aching chord progression from harpist Marilu Donovan; her assured playing evokes the timeless but also feels almost pop-contemporary. Okay Kaya floats over the song’s middle section, where sliding, organ-like strings give the track a drunken, amorous sort of feel, eventually ceding to a rising and joyous climax, as LEYA’s Adam Markiewicz, already having intoned the track’s weary first verse, joins again for its cathartic final section. The turn towards something a bit more hopeful is a new direction for the already oft-indescribable LEYA – “Win Some” marks a whole new era perhaps. Subtle production from producer Hara Kiri (Eartheater) adds an airiness and glow to “Win Some,” another new component in the ever-evolving sound of a duo pushing the limits of their shared language. 

LEYA works with and against the grain of tradition, mining intensity through alternate tunings, strange harmonies, and dreamstate operative-like vocals explored through a steady volume of work. Their two albums via NNA Tapes, The Fool (2018) and its critically acclaimed follow-up Flood Dream (2020), exist alongside a wide range of collaborations. In 2018, the group wrote and performed a full-length soundtrack to I Love You, an erotic film directed by Brooke Candy and produced by PornHub that also features the duo as actors. 2019’s Angel Lust, a collaborative EP with Eartheater, followed courtesy of experimental label PAN. In 2020, they dropped a number of shorter releases including “Antigone,” a collaborative single with American black metal band Liturgy, a remix of their Flood Dream track “Wave” by British electronic musician Actress, another remix of the album’s penultimate track “First Way” by the venerable Drew McDowall (Coil, Psychic TV), and a collaboration with Deli Girls for their new album BOSS called “barrier to love.” Composer/Filmmaker Christina Vantzou delivered a final mashup remix of Flood Dream’s “Mary” and “ABBA” in May 2021. The duo provided live scoring for a Hood by Air fashion show curated by Surf Gang member Babyxsosa in June 2021.

Find more information and preorder Eyeline via NNA Tapes here.

Previously in 2018

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