ORGAN THING: Jimmy Cauty’s Estate delayed, the touring art show should have been at Bournemouth’s Giant Gallery today but a truck driver says no…

ORGAN THING: Estate, Jimmy Cauty‘s “germ-free touring model village, built of concrete to withstand low level vandalism, and critical analysis” should be heading for Giant gallery in Bournemouth today, however, “@towerblock1 in Bournemouth @giantartgallery DELAYED as lorry driver objected to transporting provocative artwork in a shipping container. We’ll have to call the CHINOOK out. Stand-by for updated Bournemouth ETA”. Estate should have been on show at Giant from today, Tuesday March 1st.

STOP PRESS: March 2nd, 6pm, the container has now arrived in Bournemouth.

Four deserted Tower Blocks
Traces of a mythical tribe
A dark fable for our times…”

GIANT is pleased to announce the launch of GIANT OFFSITE, a new series of outdoor installations sponsored by BCP Council, to take place in The Triangle.

ESTATE is a dystopian model village experience featuring four abandoned concrete tower blocks at 1:24 scale – all housed in one 40ft shipping container. The tower blocks each serve a different function in the ESTATE and contain amusing scenes of mass social, economic and environmental devastation.

Collectively known as ‘Iceni Heights,’ each tower serves a different function: Tower block 1 contains residential ‘Live-Work-Die’ units; Tower block 2 is a multi-storey high security children’s prison; Tower block 3 is a high-rise care home for the old, the dying and the dead; and Tower block 4 appears as an eerie spiritual centre for neo-pagan misbehaviour. Each and every room inside the blocks has been “painstakingly vandalised,” and viewers can peek inside where TVs flicker with a rolling news station put together especially for the installation. ESTATE is the third in Cauty’s series of model environments, following Riot In A Jam Jar and ADP RIOT.

Tower block 1 contains residential Live-Work-Die units .

Tower block 2 is a multi-storey high security children’s prison.

Tower block 3 is a high-rise care home for the old, the dying and the dead.

Tower block 4 seems to have been some kind of spiritual centre for neo-pagan misbehaviour.

Jimmy Cauty (b. 1956, Merseyside)

Over a diverse and productive career Cauty has distinguished himself as a musician, record producer, artist and cultural provocateur through fusions of high art, low art and popularist mediums to spectacular effect. 

With Alex Patterson as The Orb and with Bill Drummond as The KLF and the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, Cauty co-wrote and produced a string of global top ten hits.

As The K-Foundation, Cauty and Drummond staged a series of seminal actions including the 1994 K Foundation Art Award for Worst Artist of the Year and the K Foundation Burn A Million Quid. 

From experimental sonic weapons (the Advanced Acoustic Armaments), to anti-Iraq war postage stamps (Stamps of Mass Destruction), and model making (Riot In A Jam Jar and the Aftermath Dislocation Principle) Cauty’s work combines dissent, cultural subversion and gleeful level of high humour. His roguish and voluble approach has earned him a cult following for work that remains radical, responsive and darkly comical. He produces work that draws on and responds to contemporary culture, sampling it and selling it back as recoded realities. 

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