ORGAN THING: May Putin Rot in Hell – A Noise Compilation in Solidarity With the People of Ukraine…

Organ Thing of The Day – I guess it does exactly what it says on the tin, a rather tasty compilation from Noise Against Fascism in Malmö, Sweden.  “All proceeds from this purchase will go to the resistance against the Russian invasion and/or humanitarian resources for the Ukrainian people” –  it is extreme noise, experimental noise, some of it might not be what the people of Ukraine want to hear right now, then again some of it is rather peaceful in a rather left field kind of way.

The real art of noise, and as much as something like this really doesn’t really need reviewing – it is all about the sentiment, the statement, the solidarity with the the ordinary people of Ukraine and yes, the fund raising, it isn’t about critical analysis, it is a damn fine compilation, Hard boiled noise, not noise for the sake of it, there is an art to this, these are very considered crafted pieces, this is good good good, it doesn’t really need our words, just check it out and, well, you know…       



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