ORGAN: R.I.P Mira Calix, the electronic producer celebrated for her complex, highly imaginative music and sound art…

Mira Calix (photograph: Jana Chiellino)

What to say? Very sad to hear of the passing of the beautifully creative Mira Calix, as someone else said, “she made some absolutely incredible music. Please seek some out if you are unfamiliar with her work”.

Mira Calix’s art was always challenging in all the right ways, she fitted so much in to those fifty years. some cutting edge sound, some wonderful music, glorious visuals…

Her label Warp said it rather well when they posted “We are devastated to learn about the death of our dear Mira Calix (born Chantal Passamonte). Mira was not only a hugely talented artist and composer, she was also a beautiful, caring human who touched the lives of everyone who had the honour of working with her. Mira has been a huge part of Warp’s family and history, as one of the first female artists signed to the label and releasing six albums from ‘one on one’ in 2000 to ‘a̶b̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ origin’ in 2021. We are so proud of her immense creative output; her artwork, videos and music were a true reflection of what an innovative, pioneering and wonderful soul she was. She pushed the boundaries between electronic music, classical music and art in a truly unique way. She will be terribly missed by everyone at the label, staff and artists alike”.

Kevin Martin aka The Bug posted “Rest in peace Mira Calix. I never knew Chantal too well, but whenever i met her at shows, or when we shared the bill, or the times i dealt with her whilst she was at Warp, she was absolutely positive and a lovely person. Very sad to read she has physically departed.”

And it is so hard to know what to say at times like this and especially when the person you admired and will always admire was so young, there;s a good piece in the Guardian – Mira Calix, adventurous electronic musician and sound artist, dies aged 51 – Producer released numerous albums of material and experimented with installations, sculptures and scores for Shakespeare plays” There’s also a good Guardian interview here – “In 2003, Mira Calix premiered her groundbreaking musical composition Nunu in London. On stage at the Royal Festival Hall were an orchestra (no surprises there), Calix (playing electronics), and then the insects – both live and recorded. The piece revolved around wasps. Calix used them like a string quartet….”

“I’m devastated to hear of the passing of wonderful Mira Calix, she was a brilliant composer who often sent me supportive and thoughtful messages. We shared a lot of views as both musicians and campaigners for the rights of migrants. My thoughts are with her family and friends”. so said Nitin Sawhney

Here at Organ we really couldn’t let her passing go by without paying our respects and celebrating her art just a little, she was so brilliantly adventurous. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and those who released her music, art and….

“The official, self-created video for ‘there is always a girl with a secret,’ the newest single from Mira Calix. The track is off of Calix’s forthcoming album ‘a̶b̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ origin,’ which reaches back into her past for the collage source material that makes up the visual & sonic worlds of the album”.


And much earlier

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