ORGAN THING: Peter Kennard releases a set of prints, ‘Ukraine 2022’, with all proceeds donated to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal…

Organ Thing of the Day: Well we admire the art of Peter Kennard, we detest what’s going on in Ukraine right now, so today’s Organ Thing of The Day is a new print for Peter Kennard ‘Ukraine 2022’, well actually a set of six prints

‘Ukraine 2022’ by Peter Kennard, six prints made in response to the war in the Ukraine, are now available for sale. With all proceeds donated to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal, to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, they are priced at £125 GBP each and available to purchase through Richard Saltoun Gallery.

This suite of six prints are made in collaboration with The School of Arts and Humanities, Royal College of Art, where Kennard is professor of political art, and Richard Saltoun Gallery.

More details here

“The Ukraine flag is now lodged deep in my memory. Daily, film of thousands of women and children fleeing merciless bombing through piles of rubble has a grip on my consciousness. How as an artist do I picture the horror of war in Ukraine? It’s impossible. How to show the level of Putin’s murderous cruelty? Impossible. These prints are my visceral response to daily atrocity, they are not an analysis of geo-politics leading up to war. What’s not impossible for me is to make marks becoming figures, walking, standing running in front of their flag. The flag doesn’t change, it’s resilient, it’s now a symbol of resistance.  The prints don’t look away but they can’t look directly. They are made to raise money for the Red Cross in Ukraine, to express solidarity with people whose lives are being destroyed. Each print sold is a tiny fragment towards helping people live through and then reconstruct their shattered lives.” Peter Kennard

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