ORGAN THINGS: Who Killed The KLF? A new documentary. And a lost and now found hissy tape of a John Peel show from ’69 including an excellent Van Der Graaf Generator session…

Two things of the day today, you can take the first one like you’d take something being pinned on the parish noticeboard, we haven’t got around to watching it yet what with all the other things demanding our time

“Who Killed the KLF?” uses previously unheard tapes to explore the rise and fall of the KLF in the 1980s and 1990s, touching upon themes that perfectly capture the 21st century zeitgeist. The film is a fascinating insight into the machinations not only of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, but of art, culture, and capitalism. A tale as intriguing as it is bonkers, “Who Killed the KLF?” will entice, intrigue and shock audiences everywhere.

Watch the 88 minute film here (you do have pay a reasonably small price)

Although has one cynic said “How fortunate some old tape interviews turned up. And my what a coincidence this coincides with the release of their greatest hits”.

or is it as someone else said – “This trailer is exactly what a documentary trailer about the KLF should NOT be. No wonder Drummond and Cauty do NOT support the release of this film. The narrative of this trailer is as commercial and capitalist as the KLF would NEVER want it to be. You worry about No1 singles? You worry about burning a Million quid? You worry about giving up revenues? You worry about your reputation? ………you didn’t get the KLF. As excited as I am to hear news or something I didn’t know about them, I don’t know if this film is doing them justice or what I’m looking for. I have no interest in a sensationalist product that covers something that stood for the opposite”.

And a second thing of the day, although it could just as easily be first, some classic John Peel from February 1969, some recently discovered tapes so we’re told

Playing things such as Heavy Jelly, Fairport Convention: Dillard & Clark: Iron Butterfly: Climax Chicago Blues Band and more. More importantly playing some excellent Van Der Graaf Generator session tracks including an excellent version of Octopus

“Peel talks about his travels in what sounds like cold winter weather – he suffered from cold feet in Birmingham and stayed with the family of his then girlfriend Sheila Gilhooly after being “stranded in Bradford in the snow”. Session guests include Deep Purple. He is quite complimentary about them here, although he would later become highly critical of them (“I think Deep Purple’s music has become heavier since they first worked with us”). Their session includes a version of “Hey Joe”, a song recorded by many artists Peel liked (the Leaves, the Byrds. Love, Tim Rose, Jimi Hendrix) – although nobody seems to know who wrote it. Peel plays tracks from US import copies of new LPs by Cream and Ten Years After.
Sessions, Black Cat Bones only session recorded 13th January 1969., Deep Purple #2 recorded 14th January 1969. Van Der Graaf Generator #1 recorded 18th November 1968, repeat, first broadcast 29 December 1968″. A big thanks to Karl Eldridge for this, nind more on Mixcloud.


There’s loads of good Peel stuff on Karl Eldridge‘s page, here’s a BFBS show from March 8th 1980, Don’t you just love the hiss of proper radio, easy to forget how good The Beat sounded on the radio, I think the whole of the Easter weekend is now gonig to be taken up listening to these old Peel shows. Olny heard one Fall track so far…

Hang on, Mix Cloud has decided we want to listen to the Other Rock Show now, their unexpected choice not ours, you do know you can find lots of old Other Rock Shows on Mix Clood don’t you?


Amd you do know we bring you the radio shows, these Organ pages and lots more for nothing don’t you?

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