ORGAN THING: Have Snuff ever let us down? By now you’d kind of feel okay if they just made another album, Snuff never ever do just make another album though…

Snuff – Crepuscolo dorato della bruschetta borsetta calzetta cacchetta trombetta lambretta giallo ossido, ooooooh così magnifico! (SBÄM and 10 Past 12 Records) –  Have Snuff ever let us down? By now you’d kind of feel okay if they just made another album, Snuff never ever do just make another album though, somehow they manage to just do ‘it’ again and again (and again). The London band wrote the punk pop blueprint years ago of course, the one all those American bands followed, but there’s far more that just that, Snuff are a soul band, Snuff ooze soul, they have it in spades and after all these years they’re, without ever veering that much from that original blueprint of theirs, delivering everything.

So why doesn’t this just sound like another Snuff album? They’re not doing anything that different, surely they’ve made dozens of albums  just like this? Is it the attitude? It surely is;nt just about attitude? That continued commitment to their art? Their soul? Their energy? Most old bands are never quite as good as they were at their peak, Snuff are. It can’t be explained, they just pump it, it sounds like it matters as much tO them now as it ever has. Maybe it really is it that “I Can’t Explain” thing? Got a feeling inside (can’t explain), It’s a certain kind (can’t explain), I feel hot and cold (can’t explain), Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (can’t explain)? It is kind of impossible to explain Snuff and it really isn’t something that needs explaining, they just have that thing, that soul, that ‘it’ that can’t be explained, that thing Snuff always have. 

Okay, so now and again things go slightly astray, Barba Gelata sounds a little too much like a heavy metal band sound-checking and waiting for the singer to get back from the bog, it is the only (small) fault we can find this time though, it is a rather difficult thing to find fault with Snuff, and they do always sound so damn positive about it all however hard these times are, however hard it is there is heart to be found – it is a rare thing to have anything not quite work, we’ll forgive them one slight dip in standards and instrumental track when the other nine are blistering. It is like it really is still a labour of love, like it really does matter. Got to love Snuff, they’re properly infectious, and yes this is coming from someone who has in the past been very picky and a touch sniffy about so called punk pop, I get bored by most of it, got to love Snuff though, they just have ‘it’, they just do it better than the rest, Snuff are an English soul band and this is another excellent album.  (sw)  

Snuff’s new album is out today, Friday Aprill 22nd or find it on Bandcamp


Do hate that stupid heavy metal ident riff at the start of te video that’s nothing to do with Snuff…

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