ORGAN: Sad news this morning, “Gabe Serbian the drummer of The Locust and all around awesome man, whom all drummers and musicians loved” has passed…

Gabe Serbian

Sad news this morning, “Gabe Serbian the drummer of the Locust and all around awesome man, whom all drummers and musicians loved” has passed. You only need to take a look at that amazing live footage just down there to see why his “simultaneously frenetic and meticulous” art was so admired by his fellow musicians as well as those of us who don’t know one end of a drum stick from the other, what an artist.

This from Paul Lai, he of Upsilon Acrux and various other intence musical things of a left field experimental nature, I think Paul echoes the feeling of the avant Other Rock community today, I hope he does’nt mind us sharing his words here.

“I actually cried upon reading this…

Gabe Serbian the drummer of the Locust and all around awesome man, whom all drummers and musicians loved has passed.

We were fortunate to tour w/ the Locust and played many shows with them and I’ve known Gabe since he played guitar in Cattle Decapitation, such a warm dude w/ith whom I have only fond memories.

All musicians get so burned of soundchecks, on tour at shows etc.. but my favorite soundchecks I’ve ever seen in my life are Gabe doing his thing. When they give him the green light to play all the drums its one of those times when u know some people were born to shine. I would walk around and watch his footwork and just listen and just be glad to be in the room to hear him. It was a mix between fireworks and someone doing a 100000 piece puzzle in 3 minutes. Astonishing …

I will always miss u Gabe, miss ur sweaty hugs coming off stage, miss ur neck tattoos and ur warm smile.

please give if ur able”

There is a memorial fund and a page where you can donate, it says on the page,

“It’s with heavy hearts that we have to share the passing of Gabe Serbian on April 30th, 2022. This world will miss Gabe as a friend, family member, musician, and artist. He will continue to live on in so many ways and through everyone he has connected with during his time with us. May 1st is his birthday, and we hope that you can find a way to celebrate his life. During this difficult time we ask that you give Gabe’s family privacy. All donations will be donated to the Serbian family, Gabe’s wife and two children”.

Our thoughts are with Gabe’s family , friends and fellow musicians. The news comes too late to celebrate Gabe and his music on tonight’s Other Rock Show, expect that to happen with next weekend’s show )shows have bee npre-recorded since Covid struck)

A bio from the Three One G page

“Settled in San Diego and with over twenty years spent involved in a beloved and somewhat incestuous music scene wonderfully unlike any other, Gabriel Serbian emerges as a percussive force who is world-renowned– lauded by the likes of Slayer’s Dave Lombardo and an essential part of bands praised over the years by icons of the strange from John Zorn to John Waters. Simultaneously frenetic and meticulous, it should take no more than 30 seconds to understand that Serbian’s stick-based assaults are methodical, emotive, and- most importantly- distinctly his. His skill is not just pinpoint, wildly versatile drumming, but the ability to possess and command the music it is a part of, even when surrounded by abrasive screams and guttural snarls, otherworldly sci-fi synths, or bipolar, seemingly impossible to follow guitar lines.

Many bands Serbian has worked with (The Locust, Retox, Cattle Decapitation, Wet Lungs, Holy Molar and Head Wound City, to name a few) are marked by notably aggressive styles. Undoubtedly multifaceted, however, he has also collaborated with the likes of Alec Empire and Otto Von Schirach’s more industrial, electronic-based acts, as well as toured with Le Butcherettes. Regardless of how one might try to compartmentalize all of these different musicians, each of them spawns a healthy resistance to being defined within the parameters of neatly labeled musical genres such as simply “grindcore”, “hardcore”, “metal”, or “punk”, striving to be something more authentic and genuine. The common thread in Gabe’s resume, then, seems to lay not in the sounds (which are quite diverse in many cases), but the ethics behind them.

More recently, Italy has provided multiple opportunities for Serbian’s idiosyncratic musical interests, one of which is the Rome-based instrumental trio, Zu. A group that experimental composing king John Zorn described as “a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days”, Zu is merely a continuation of the ever-growing list of the innovative and surreal which Serbian has immersed himself and excelled in for the last two decades. Additionally, Gabe was involved in the writing and performing of multiple tracks for the soundtrack of Italian director Asia Argento’s most recent film, Incompresa, which was first screened at Cannes Festival in May of 2014…”

–Becky DiGiglio

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