ORGAN THING: The further painterly adventures of Weasel Walter, the Vomitatrix album is out, the new Deadly Orgone Radiation release, featuring Alex Ward and James Sedwards, is almost soothing in that way spontaneous hard-lined no wave skronk can be… 

We have warned you about this before, Vomitatrix is the name of the band, the album is out now, once again you can consider this a public service, here’s what someone from UGExplode said, “I’m just going to say four names: Gyna Bootleg, Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl, Rick Eye. That should be sufficient, but I’ll just add that Morbid Florist lives on through this potent debut of ridic dada acid grind”. More via Bandcamp if you dare


And while we’re here, more from ugEXPLODE – “Another red hot, high energy display of torrid modernism by this UK/US trio of sound manglers. This is serious free rock no wave skronk with spontaneous hard lines of structure and lightspeed interplay by Alex Ward (guitar, clarinet), James Sedwards (guitar), and Weasel Walter (drums). This aggressive session was recorded while Ward and Sedwards were in the U.S. wrapping up the final (This Is Not) This Heat shows back in 2018. This is the perfect companion to 2015’s “Power Trips” CD on Copepod Records. These guys didn’t miss a step! Once again the Bandcamp link


“ugEXPLODE Records was founded in 1991 and dissolved in 2013, and revived in 2018 building on a raw aesthetic springing from extreme rock forms and free jazz”. Mostly revolving around the non-stop output of Wessel Walter, probably best known as te driving force behind the oh so vital multi-headed beast that is The Flying Luttenbachers. Weasel Waleter doesn’t really d oeasy listening, he is easy to listen to though, you might not feel like it everyday, his painterly total commitment is something you have to hold back for the right moment, like you do with all the best art.

Deadly Orgone Radiation  – Desecration Of Form – (ugEXPLOSION) – There is a particular chemistry running through this excellent Deadly Orgone Radiation coming together, of course with the trio involved you kind of expected it to be good (is there anything better than an Alex Ward soundcheck?). Love the way Wessel Walter’s colour is anchoring down Alex and James here, love the control exercised, the way it is all grounded when it so easily could have been a complete mess, controlled in that really controlled on the dot way Jackson Pollock painted,  the three of them may be improvising, this might well be instinct but there’s a vital craft here, a knowing, an awareness. This is a graceful album, a ballet, and experimental restraint and if they are falling don down stairs they doing it without spilling a drop of their tea. Actually you wouldn’t be wrong in just expecting the trio to go off and things, they don’t, the power is in the restraint, the painterly detail, the movement of their brushes over their canvas, in their tension. They don’t quite reach a state of silence between their sounds, this is still constructive (sometimes destructive noise) they’re not far off quiet at times though. It is a tease only being able to hear this and not see it being made, you want to see the nods, the eye contact, you want to see who’s doing the leading (is anyone), who’s playing what? Who’s feet are going where? Actually I take that bit about Wessel’s music not being something you could play every day back (start every day the Wessel way throw on one of his many albums and set yourself up), this is almost soothing (in that very noisy way these kind of things often are). is it Desecration Of Form?  Or is it fully formed and not in the least bit desecrated when you might have been expecting scattergun violence. Three of the best painters in the business then, the album came out yesterday, July 7th, t comes highly recommended. Head to the Bandcamp page for more. (sw)         

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