ORGAN THING: L.A. artist Carter Potter’s overlapping haze of film strip weaves currently hanging at East London’s Rocket gallery…

Carter Potter at Rocket, Hackney, East London.

Los Angeles based artist Carter Potter has an instantly likeable show on at Rocket (here in Hackney) at the moment, his found film side, strips of film woven together, placed on canvas, arranged like textile pieces, colourful strips, his work here does feel like that of a weaver, a textile designer, and really who couldn’t resit weaving those colourful strips of found film together? The material looks exciting, the colour, the texture, the different gauges of  film, I guess it helps to be working in L.A when it come s to finding strips of 70mm film. Regimented vertical and horizontal strips interwoven, overlapping, hazy overlaps of deliciously exciting colour, okay so those of us who studied textiles and tied ourselves up in knots while battling the evil chaos of a giant monster loom, will have student days portfolios full of found things woven together like this, it is an almost natural thing to do when you see a skip full of colourful film isn’t it?  These pieces look great, carefully constructed, respectfully hung, paintings on pristine white walls, regimented pieces, film strips all perfectly straight, mathematically right pieces, precise use of colour, the overlapping haze, beautiful. Carter Potter has an instantly likeable show called “FYC : for your consideration” at Rocket, well worth taking a look if you can…

Carter Potter at Rocket, Hackney, East London.

Rocket is found at 4-6 Sheep Lane, Hackney, London, E8 4QS, right next door to New Art Projects. The show opened to a more than healthy crowd last week, it goes on until September 24th although the Rocket opening hours aren’t that clear, the gallery is part of the slick Rocket complex –

“The world of Rocket is one that its founder Jonathan Stephenson has nurtured for over two decades. Stephenson’s vision has spawned a ‘laboratory’ for exploring the crossover of the worlds of art, photography, design and, more recently, fashion. He is a true independent…”     Max Fraser, London Design Guide.

I guess the best thing in to check the slick but slightly vague Rocket website yourself, the show is running alongside a group show called Childhood and I can find no mention of the Potter show or indeed any indication in terms of opening hours or how you might get to see any of it on the good-looking website. I suspect it is a case of by appointment only? It is a gallery housed within a working design space or publishing house or whatever Rocket actually is

The Childhood group show, curated by Sidney Stephenson features the work of Cedric Christie, Ib Geertsen, Michelle Grabner, Peter Hedegaard, Keld Helmer-Petersen, Matthias Hoch, Charles Christopher Hill, Jeremy Moon, Martin Parr, Paul Shambroom and Lars Wolter, the Childhood show, a rather cold, rather masculine rather disjointed group show (or is that the environment the show is housed it?) also runs until September 24th (sw)

As always, please click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow and get a flavour or two.

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