ORGAN THING: Jealous Needs You, a strong show, a slick exhibition, not too slick though…

Jealous Needs You at Jealous East.

There’s always more art to see, never quite enough time, managed to  grab a moment to go see this year’s Jealous Needs You over at Jealous East (before it heads North and Miss Bugs moves in), things are looking good in there. This show, like many things, was put on hold by Covid and well, you know the rest. Apparently the selection of work was made back in 2020 and people have been left hanging and waiting for the hang since then.  Jealous Needs You is something that’s been going on for ten years or so now, this is actually the seventh time the show has happened   

“Established in 2011, the entirely free open submission project accepts proposals from a broad range of artists from all backgrounds, artistic styles and varied career levels, inviting all to submit their designs for consideration by the Jealous team and Paul Foster from Saatchi Gallery. Jealous gallery is excited to announce the artists in this year’s Jealous Needs You portfolio; Allie Ellis, Andi Brown, Ceal Warnants, David Oates Merstham, Deborah Azzopardi, Ed Burnand, Fung Lam, Harry Wyld, Heath Kane, John Berkamp, Jorge Margarido, Kaius Owen, Kapitza, Lauren Moore, Louise Victoria, Mauricio Ortiz, Melvin Galapon, Rob Ryan, Slava Tchakaloff, Supermundane, Toby Goodyear. We are also pleased to include the following artists from our Jealous Team: Adam Bridgland, Bench Allen, Dario Illari, Gleb Kostenko, Ines Fernandez de Cordova, Jack Burrill, Joss Fenn, J.R., Juliet Gibbs, Karen Dear, Samuel Coleman, Sholto Douglas, Tom Adams and William Kingett”

What you get, or what you got, part one of the show is over and heading to Jealous North now, what you got on the three walls of the glass fronted cube of a Shoreditch gallery was an impressive set of identically sized, identically framed, perfectly hung black, white and grey pieces, a show united by the monochromatic goodness of it all. Some of the artists easy to spot, others really not so immediately obvious. Jealous Needs You is a strong show, a slick show, not too slick though (Jealous can sometimes be just a little too slick for their own good) a visually engaging show, I imagine everyone will have a different standout piece, there’s really nothing that weak in here, I don’t want to be picking pieces out, I don’t want to be pulling it apart, not that there is anything much to pull apart, damn fine show, sometimes it really is as simple as that, if you get a chance to go North then it is recommended. (sw)  

Jealous Needs You moves to Jealous North on August 24th and sill stay there until September 25th 2022. Jealous North is at 27 Park Road, Crouch End, London N8 2TE. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am until 6pm, and Sundays 10am until 5pm.           

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