ORGAN THING: Two new albums, the delicate strength of Ohio’s Bailey Miller, the experimental sound art of Antwerp’s Strangebird~Sounds…

Some albums, a couple of albums, two (of the many) albums that have come our way in recent days…

Bailey Miller

Bailey Miller – Still Water (Whited Sepulchre Records) – You never quite know where you are with the clandestine nature of it all and it is way way too hot here in the East London bunker to be using up valuable time with the mostly thankless task of reviewing music today. This is rather soothing though, rather cooling, refreshing. Bailey Miller’s second single 222 from her upcoming album Still Water, on Whited Sepulchre Records, is out today. You can find the single, one of two tracks from the new album, on Bandcamp right now, along with all the details of the album due out in September.

“Greetings from Cincinnati, OH. I am excited to bring you the latest from Whited Sepulchre Records” reads the press release, seems the latest is “the multi-instrumentalist Bailey Miller. Today we are sharing the second single from Still Water. The full album will be out 09.02.22″ – there go those damn Americans getting their dates back to bleedin’ front again, that’s September 2nd to you and me.  “For those uninitiated, Bailey’s work is incredibly special. Recorded in a 4 year span during her early 20’s where Bailey’s life seemed like a speed-run through most of life’s off-axis-throwing crucibles, Still Water emerges with a sense of grace and defiance that accompanies most records recorded with the wisdom of another 20 years on the planet. Musically 222 leans into the more delicate folk influences of this record while also hitting some deep synth melodies and floating vocal harmonies”.


Got the album on here in the bright light and the uncomfortable afternoon heat, Bailey Miller’s beautifully quiet sound is fitting in perfectly with the slow stillness of the day, her rather delicate music is moving in just the right easy-on-the-mind kind of way. Experimental in nature, these are very much songs, slowly moving songs, hardly moving, very moving songs, fragile songs, strong songs, whispered songs, bright songs, songs that have all the time in the world t oget to where ever they’re going, songs alive with the refreshment of it all and yes, the grace in there with the positive defiance. It almost feels like we’re intruding on her secrets, that we’ve caught her singing and she doesn’t know we’re there quietly listing, tying not to disturb her, this does feel very personal…

The production is just right, the sound deliciously crafted, the songs, the notes, the space between the sound, the art of leaving things out, once again less is more. The careful details in that quietness (on that highway stained with blood) and heading back from wherever we might have been. None of it is obvious, most of it is radiant,  and there is a limited edition that comes with a zine that I imagine is well worth making the time for. The single, I guess, while not in any kind of way telling you the whole story here, will give you an idea in terms of what you are going to find  on the rather beautiful album once you get to unwrap it all, Still Water is a strong album, a delicately strong album, a beautifully refreshing album, crafted experiments, songs that swell with the goodness of it all, a rather recommended album, not far off perfect.

Bandcamp / Website

Strangebird~Sounds – Lavender River

Strangebird~Sounds – Lavender River (Audiobulb) –  Strangebird~Sounds Is Gregory Geerts, an experimental composer and sound artist based in the city Antwerp, in Belgium. This new album, Lavender River, we’re told, “brings a flowing journey through unchartered landscapes, dreamscapes and a timeless adventure”, what we actually have is a very (very) mellow electronic album, warm mellow melodies, smooth textures, found sound atmospherically flowing quietly beneath the surface, all very (very) easy on the ear, all very nice, refreshing, simple, uncluttered. It isn’t anything that revolutionary, it isn’t anything that different, we get lots of thing kind of thing in our constantly busy inbox but it is really refreshing, Lavender River has something to it, it is a rather enjoyable instrumental album, a warm piece of sound art, some mellow composition and a little bit more that the background music it could so easily be.  Bandcamp


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