ORGAN THING: Les Secrètes Sessions, The Dur et Doux family and three days of wonderful experimental high level musical creativity…

First off, before anything else they have my favourite record label logo ever, second of all Dur et Doux are just about the best label out there right now, pretty much everything they release is of a vital nature, if the one eyed horse is looking at you then jump on and take a ride This collection of pieces is wonderful, this is proper art, none of It sounds too experimental to these ears (well maybe besides the rather fine jiving rock and roll bit), it all sounds so right, it sounds natural, almost obvious in the most positive of obvious ways, it feels instinctively beautiful, rewarding, everything place in just the right order, all ship-shape and Bristol fashion and yes, gloriously French, can you have a French state of ship-shape? Ship-shape and Lyon fashion? Secrete session Dur et Doux is a wonderful album, a brilliant record of something special, magical chemistry, all about the chemistry. 

Les Secrètes Sessions is the realm of musical swapping!  You take a bunch of musicians and put them in a studio for three days. For two hours they mingle to create and record an original song or piece of music and then a different combination of music makers do it all again for another two hours and on it goes until there’s enough for an album…

“In June 2022 Dur et Doux curated Les Secrètes sessions for a unique creation. More than a project, the Secrètes Sessions are a real human experience which (re)places the meeting, the unexpected, the freedom of expression and the conviviality in the heart of the musical creation process”. 

We have here people from Ni, Piniol, Hidden People, Le Grand Sbam, Poil and quite a few more from the wonderfully progressive (in the most real of senses) Dur et Doux family and hey, look, you really don’t need our words, you know the review policy around here, we only bother writing  about the best things that come our way, if we didn’t think this of the highest and more than worthy of your time then it wouldn’t be occupying our time, our space and our airwaves. This is high level avant music making, more than that, this is just thrilling. We’ll let the music do the talking, you have the Bandcamp page there with the whole album along with  all the details, and you have the excellent films of all the tracks and the chemistry and well, off you go, feed your ears, your hearts and… (sw)  

Dur Et Doux / Bandcamp


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