ORGAN THING: Drum Major Instinct? Hey look, just cut to the chase, never mind the words, here’s the film and here’s the sound and here’s the beauty and…

So what do we know about Drum Major Instinct on this fine summery Monday morning? We know that that almost enchanting collage of a film and the visuals really did bring the music to life and demand more note was taken this weekend. We know that Drum Major Instinct are an experimental music duo from Asheville, North Carolina, that Jeff Arnal plays (mostly) percussion and Curt Cloninger plays (mostly) modular synthesizer.  The Wire describes Jeff’s drumming as a “highly original concept” having “a balletic sense of time and imaginative deployment of colour;” and Byron Coley says Curt’s modular synthesis “moves like blocks of radioactive adobe being shifted around by architects in space suits.” But, of course, nothing is ever that straightforward. The resultant music is about waves of energy, patterns within patterns (within patterns), sounds from the natural world, and running the voodoo down and well more dancing around architecture and bird song then. Hey look, just cut to the chase, never mind the words, here’s the film and here’s the sound and here’s the beauty and…

The new album is a three track affair, fifty minutes or so though and once the film or the video or whatever you want to call it eases you through the door the music really does all the talking and right now I should b heading over to the other side of London to discuss sculpture and an installation plan with someone called Inky Stevens and the and idea with this format of Organ is that it would never ever eat time like the old monster of an Organ did, just a simple Organ Thing of The Day that did the talking and the walking. This is beautiful, it could have passed us by, this is refreshing, maybe this is how the sculpture should look, and whoever it was up there at the boring old Wire talking about the drumming and the movement of it all was right, there’s a graceful flow to all this, a tingle, an edge, not too much of an edge, just, well just abstract enough, a glow, a warmth, and maybe once you get in there with the meat of it, just a touch of menace in those modulising bodies? Now I really have got to go talk t oa man called Inky about a sculpture in his garden…. And then you realise you didn’t really watch the film, it jsut flickered as you soaked up the music, which I guess is how it should be? Who really looks at art? Listen to these paintings, I really do have to go now, really lik these three paintings… (sw)


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